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  1. SouthernThistle

    GA: Two retired show dogs - AmStaff

    I'm not willing nor wanting to argue. I put the dogs here because they are not APBT (as I was told by several people on this forum,) and I know that both kennels are involved in the AmStaff world as well. You know - breeders helping breeders and all of that junk. I have my voice back, and I...
  2. SouthernThistle

    GA: Two retired show dogs - AmStaff

    I realize they are UKC registered as APBTs; however, they are of AmStaff type which is why I posted them in the AmStaff section. I sent you an e-mail; however, I woke up this morning (after a battle with sinuses and bronchitis) to laryngitis and zero voice. I have met "True Kennels" before...
  3. SouthernThistle

    GA: Two retired show dogs - AmStaff

    They are not owned by True Kennels (PM for additional information as was provided to me.) I don't know if Nina's breeder has been contacted. I attempted to find "Boca Kennels" online, but it just pointed me to a shutdown Geocities website. I sent an e-mail to True Kennels this morning...
  4. SouthernThistle

    GA: Two retired show dogs - AmStaff

    Dropped our dog off for surgery this morning at the Vet's office, and I saw these dogs posted. I have met one of them in person. "Gauge" UKC: UWP GRCH 'PR' True's Gotta Gun Too DNA-VIP, OFA Cardiac, Penn Hip .39/.42 ** will be neutered prior to or agreement to neuter reached between...
  5. SouthernThistle

    Where is the best place to sell a high end CD player?

    Unless it is NIB, you won't get $900 for it. They sell, used for about $600 and new for $900. You could try Ebayclassifieds, Facebook Marketplace, or your local newspaper (if it has online listings - those are generally better.)
  6. SouthernThistle

    TrailCams to catch thieves?

    I should have mentioned that the $50 was with a deep Public-Safety discount ;) Thanks for the input though. I'll check out the infared ones. We have a tree to mount the front porch one in (they would have to be part-monkey to climb it and get it) and the bush for the other one. *sigh* I...
  7. SouthernThistle

    TrailCams to catch thieves?

    We are thinking about buying two trailcams to catch thieves at our house. Trailcams are small cameras that are camouflaged (normally) and mounted in the woods, etc. to catch wildlife/anything that moves past it. Why? When we first moved into our house last Summer, we had a package stolen off...
  8. SouthernThistle

    Dog has rash on inside of her legs

    While I'm not a Veterinarian it looks to me like the beginning stages of a Staph infection or a rash from allergies. Gidget has seasonal allergies issues. My Vet told me to just put her on Benadryl.
  9. SouthernThistle

    Best damn Friday ever!

    Update: (and I can say this report is, for the most part, true, but *ahem* not exactly.) Frontier Post :: Afghanistan News :: 5 US troops injured in airfield attack
  10. SouthernThistle

    Average cost of an English bull terrier?

    I guess it depends on your area as to how common they are. There are quite a few Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers that are patients at our Vet's office and I have seen around town.
  11. SouthernThistle

    Best damn Friday ever!

    Well it was good news...........until I just received this We were sitting here tonight and heard incoming. We did what we always do...just keep doing what we are doing. OUr living quarters were hit...[insert branch my brother works with here] injuries...dont know the extent yet. Thank...
  12. SouthernThistle

    Best damn Friday ever!

    Me, too! Since bin Laden's demise, his particular base has had several close encounters/counterattack efforts (that aren't on the news.)
  13. SouthernThistle

    Best damn Friday ever!

    My brother has been in Afghanistan since December 24th (yeah...talk about a depressing Christmas!) He just sent me an e-mail this morning whose subject line was "SURPRISE!" and the body was that he is coming home in June instead of December! This is particularly outstanding news as we're...
  14. SouthernThistle

    my pretty pretty princess

    Are you sure you didn't steal Gidget?! She's a cutie!
  15. SouthernThistle

    mating pitbulls

    brother/sister = puppies - General Dog Discussions
  16. SouthernThistle

    Lily Flyball Video

    She looks like she will do great at it! We'd love to get Gidget into FlyBall, but every time we find a place that has it (and has training for it,) they're no longer around :(
  17. SouthernThistle

    I haz a poneh..I haz a poneh..I haz a poneh hey hey hey hey

    ^ So no ponehs for us. Why do people grossly exaggerate the size of their animals? If it's not "200 lbs German Shepherds" that are actually a fluffy 80 lbs., it's BARELY scraping 14.1 hh "horses" being described as 16 hh.
  18. SouthernThistle

    Moving time again...

    Don't forget to have your Veterinarian write that the dogs have never shown aggression. A letter from a Veterinarian (and a CGC or ATTS TT) would definitely help.
  19. SouthernThistle

    Micro Staffy

    I highly recommend turning on the sound/raising the volume - lol. I think your friend could be an AKC conformation judge ;) (yes, I know he was kidding)