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    American Bulldog (Is This True?)

    I dont know if you guys are from the country or not but here is why we allways had a form dog. Egg stealing Fox, Coon Possum well mostly vermon. back in the 1600's I'm sure the red wolf might have had to be run off a couger too. But mostly the AB was used to catch ferral hogs and wild pigs
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    pictureof the american pitbulls my dad owned and my first and second american pits.

    I havent seen a American Bulldog yet. There ether pitbulls or runt AB
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    I thk you

    I thk you
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    My First Yard.

    wrong Idea for you !! next week it will be someother wim and the dogs will still be there
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    to much corn in food, enzimes messed up= yogert plain, rar cooked beef liver. people antihistomeans will help itch. change to better food for this dog. here is a good keep= 1 week break this into seven days fifty lb dog= one whole, dozen eggs cooked,1qt. yogert plain, get a good coal tar...
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    Mason Bloodline

    O some one said Clyde had huge pit bulls wrong. avg. size chain w. 50lb show w. 45lb of about males females 45lb chain w. 4 or 5 less for show. Clyde breed for one thing gameness not looks like todays breeders AKC breeds for looks. thats why English bulldoge has all it problems breed for looks.
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    Mason Bloodline

    Yes I made a mistake I said Carmi but thats wrong. I'm glad to see Clydes granson on the forum. I met Clyde and went to a few shows with him. I seen pic.s of HOG funny looking pit bull. Bushy tale . But deep game. thats how I knew a mason dog they was deep. most of the breeders in area called...
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    Mason Bloodline

    I met clyde Mason
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    what breed is this dog? answers asap

    what breed pit mixed, long in the leg for APBT
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    I live in south Florida. I have been a Pit-Bull guy for a while. A friend that allso Loved PB took me to meet Clyde Mason in Carmi Ill. Clyde lived on Bulldog hill rd. From then on I was hooked. I now own an American Bull dog my asistance dog.