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Search results

  1. supmar85

    Cat Lover Neighbor CALLED MY DOG UGLY! >:(

    hahahahahaaha EAD ---------- Post added at 10:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:27 PM ---------- hahahahaha ead
  2. supmar85

    How much damage has your BT puppy caused :)

    3 ps3 controllers carpet all over the apartment 2 apple laptop chargers textbooks paintings left on floor
  3. supmar85

    BT property rules.

    hahahahaha hilarious!!!
  4. supmar85

    Mini and standard

    hey guys, thinking of getting a standard ebt puppy next year, by that time my mini bull will be 2 years, anyone ever have both types??? any suggestions?
  5. supmar85


    what kind of shampoo do you guys use? i used one offered by petco but never really liked it.
  6. supmar85

    Bully Quirks

    hahahaha exactly i think just this breed can do all of these crazy things
  7. supmar85

    Talk about determination! EBT vs Porcupine

    wow! i want to see the after pictures, god i feel bad for that dog
  8. supmar85

    Bella got a snuggie.

    hahahaha, yea whenever we put clothes on Odin he just stares at us as well until we take of the clothes
  9. supmar85

    How big is your BT??

    Odin is 14in and 28 pounds @ 11 months
  10. supmar85

    Pictures of your lazy Bull terriers

    Heres a pic of Odin snoozing away on the couch
  11. supmar85

    Missed my MBT...

    haha mine jumps off the couch whenever i play gears of war he hates the locusts lol
  12. supmar85

    Can EBTs swim?

    i had mine in the pool the other day, i took him in the shallow end and let him got and he swam out then his brother was in the water and he jumped in! it was so funny
  13. supmar85

    weight training

    ok good to know i had heard around 18 months before any type of weights my dog is only 7 months so he still has time before he does any pulling
  14. supmar85

    weight training

    hey guys i was wondering at what age do you guys think it would be healthy or appropriate to start putting weights on your dogs or any type of weight training. any suggestions that you guys have had experience with is also helpful thanks in advance
  15. supmar85

    Night time hucklebutt?

    yes mine in the morning i will take him out and once he gets back in he takes off!!!
  16. supmar85

    how much bigger???

    ok yea i was wondering if his head was going to get much bigger lol
  17. supmar85

    how much bigger???

    hey guys Odin is now 6 months, my question is how much bigger is he suppose to get, do you guys see more growth after six months? will post pictures later
  18. supmar85

    tug of war

    i actually wanted to name my dog bowser, wife wasn't having it hahaha
  19. supmar85


    here is an updated pic of odin, sorry for the bad quality, taking the pic with my phone
  20. supmar85


    finally bought Odin Taste of the wild the bison one, he devoured it!!! Thanks for the help guys