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  1. BayouRunner

    5th time this dog has lost its home :(

    Hate to hear about situations like this. Always wish I could do more to help.
  2. BayouRunner


    AKA "Patches". My ABD who was fortunate enough to survive the incident that took her "sister" Maggie's life. Due to concerns over something happening to her, and because she is a much calmer and more obedient dog, she has now moved into the house. She seems to be OK with the arrangements, as you...
  3. BayouRunner

    RIP Zuri I Am Soo Sorry

    This was something you could not have forseen. We all have a tendency to place blame when something terrible happens, even upon ourselves. But sometimes, terrible things just happen. May Zuri rest in peace.
  4. BayouRunner

    Goodbye Maggie, I'm so sorry...

    Livingston Parish, Louisiana. I'm probably the only one in the neighborhood without a hunting bow.
  5. BayouRunner

    Goodbye Maggie, I'm so sorry...

    The only witnesses were the 3 people at the residence where it happened. I know that guy would possibly be looking at a fine for discharging the weapon, but that would also mean my family re-living this ordeal, and I don't know if I want to do that just so we can both be fined; in the end it's...
  6. BayouRunner

    Thank you very much for your thoughts. It helps to tell others about it, and hopefully at least...

    Thank you very much for your thoughts. It helps to tell others about it, and hopefully at least one person reconsiders their precautions when it comes to their PBT. If it saves just one dog, I know Maggie would like that. Like the avatar BTW. Too cute!
  7. BayouRunner

    Goodbye Maggie, I'm so sorry...

    I thought about calling the authorities, what stopped me was that Diamond was there with her when she killed the cat. We feared something would happen to Diamond, and we don't want to lose both dogs. They were in the yard of the person's yard attacking the cat when he shot her. I also felt like...
  8. BayouRunner

    Goodbye Maggie, I'm so sorry...

    Thank you everyone who took the time to read about Maggie. Diamond has become an inside dog for the time being, as she is much calmer than Maggie. Even though she was heavily influenced by Maggie and would not chase things without her around, her outside time is limited to her outdoor enclosure...
  9. BayouRunner

    Goodbye Maggie, I'm so sorry...

    (Yes, I know the typical reaction to that photo is "poor dog!", it was my girlfriend's idea and I had the same reaction, lol. But for whatever reason it has become my favorite pic since she passed) I lost my poor Maggie a few days ago, and my attempt to deal with my grief is what led me to...
  10. BayouRunner

    Hi everyone

    I found this forum while searching the Internet for sites/organizations that would allow me to become involved with pit bull rescue. I am a former "anti-pitbull person" (for lack of a better term) who was converted by a dog I didn't even want. I was afraid that the abuse she had...