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Search results

  1. Nutty

    Introducing "Twister"

    looking good !
  2. Nutty

    update the working minis :)

    @crazyk9 u r right ! i think minis have more drive and not so easy to handle. like the temperament of this little firecrackers. @omgrobyn in germany its cold as well. it was in our hollidays in croatia ;) @dogeatdog thank u ! i try to share more pics with you all. @michele yes, it was...
  3. Nutty

    Oh hai everybody

    i think its problem in this breed. see much bullis with nail or feet poblems. maybe its cuz they walk not enough on hard ground. i never cut the nails of my dogs. im glad that i never had this problems. but its a little cutie ! :)
  4. Nutty

    update the working minis :)

    thank you so much ! in future i try to post more pics of the little devils :)
  5. Nutty

    update the working minis :)

    i know.... but i have no time 4 posting more pics. :/ here 2 vids :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar56bnKwdRY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNRrbyCIn_w
  6. Nutty

    update the working minis :)

    thank you :)
  7. Nutty

    update the working minis :)

    after a long time, some pics of my dogs. hope u enjoy ! :grin:
  8. Nutty

    My little boy Loki

    cute ! :)
  9. Nutty

    do any of you use a treadmill to run your bt?

    hahahaha !!! what a funny vid !!! love this one !!!! :lol:
  10. Nutty

    new pics of billy boy

    thats the fact.. ppls dont want to train their dogs. or they are to stupid to train them. i like to do some sport with my dogs, in my dogs love it more than me :) they never get enough. i go for a walk for 8h, and they're not tired... they active like duracell rabbits :) i try, that my dogs...
  11. Nutty

    new pics of billy boy

    true words ! lol !! :D
  12. Nutty

    Hi from Southern Utah!

    welcome :)
  13. Nutty

    new pics of billy boy

  14. Nutty

    new pics of billy boy

    thank u all ! some pics of the nanny dogs :)
  15. Nutty


    welcome ! nice bt's !
  16. Nutty

    New member. New puppy!!

    welcome !
  17. Nutty

    new pics of billy boy

    thank you !
  18. Nutty

    new pics of billy boy

    hahaha ! special dogs for special ppls ;)
  19. Nutty

    new pics of billy boy

    thanx ! jaja ! they have the monocle on same side of the head, like twins ! only difference is the pee-pee :)
  20. Nutty

    new pics of billy boy

    thx @ all ! :) but they r "just" miniature bull terriers ;) @working bull terrier same here. my little monsters destroy everything. look at this ! XD my girl is a nice terriertype like your boy :) in this pic she's not conditioned. cus she was injured 4 a long time. she fell into my...