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    Do you let your BT lick YOUR Wounds?

    is this question for the ladies...That type of behavior is ilegal in the UK.
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    The new guy

    Nice bully bud.
  3. A


    Look better between two slices of bread and some brown sauce.
  4. A


    LOL...here to help bud.
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    A friend of mine makes hand made collars...Harris and watson dog collars. There the mutts nuts built for strong dogs and made to last. There are a few of my dogs on his site.
  6. A


    LOL...yep. Smashing looking lad he realy is and keeped at a sensible weight.
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    Thump print size bald spot on head?

    This man is spot on.Dont let the vet fool you..alot of bull breeds have it as i said it comes down from the old type bull dog.
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    Advice about toy

    Nothing wrong with spring pole work mate...Its a very good work out for the dogs. Your dog will be more of a problem in the long run if it doesnt get to burn off that energy. They are costly but a slat mill is also a good tool.
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    Thump print size bald spot on head?

    Its hereditary some bull terriers have it and staffords...it comes down from the old type bulldog.
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    Question for breeders

    You cant justify that:no2: I dont know how it works with the KC..Do they allow a breeder to put out so many pups.
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    Question for breeders

    And exactly the same is happening in bull terriers too, big kennels equiping other kennels with lots of "stock" to bash out even more puppies. Result? Bullies hard to find good homes for and prices way down..these go to unsuitable homes..and later on clutter up Welfare. Thanks a bunch to those...
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    Question for breeders

    You cant even give a staff away nowdays...The shelters are full of them. I have never bred a dog in my life..I see no need to as there is so much out there i just buy in what i need.
  13. A

    Then and now

    I agree some stunning BT's.....
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    Question for breeders

    Just what i was thinking....Once you have handed over your hard earned cash for your new pup thats it it belongs to the new owner.If the breeder then decides he or she wishes to use said dog in the future as it has turned out the better dog in the long run.Then i would think the breeder should...
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    Hi all new member

    LOL..Thats my theory also take 50 shots get 5 good one lol...Good luck with him and thank you. Hi BTsyndicate...walk,walk and more walking in the countryside...and retrieving a ball from the bottom of a steep hill...she is real easy to condition as her drive is full on and she love's every...
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    I love this breed!

    Very well written indeed...I could feel your passion from reading your writings..Nice. ---------- Post added at 10:10 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:09 AM ---------- Your fella looks great also.
  17. A

    Hi all new member

    Tell ya what mate he is a credit to you and the breeder a real cracker...Your good with the old camera aswell. ---------- Post added at 09:56 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:49 AM ---------- A pic of my wee girl for you at 15 to the withers.
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    More Bella aka Matilda

    Thats what i thought nice head type...nice girl mate.
  19. A

    Hi all new member

    Welcome Dean...nice BT....who bred him mate. Im also a UK member.
  20. A

    Been some time.

    Hey G hope your well mate....would love to hear what the old boy thinks. Cheers bud.