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  1. Tanktastic

    40" Horseman's Pride Jolly Mega Ball

    My pup really enjoyed playing with my old exercise ball but alas her teeth, nails and the underbrush let the air out of the fun way too soon. I looked at the jolly balls for dogs but they just weren't big enough, light enough or bouncy enough. I came across this ( Amazon.com : Horsemans Pride 40...
  2. Tanktastic

    May 23-24. Meteor Storm?

    Possible meteor storm! New meteor shower predicted for friday night into saturday morning. They are calling this new meteor shower the Camelopardalids. May the temps be fair and your skies clear. Will we have a new major meteor shower in late May 2014? | Human World | EarthSky
  3. Tanktastic

    Adel, Iowa. Conformation show. 9-14-2013

    Thanks. Going to try and make it. Haven't gotten paperwork back yet so it'll be without my pup:(
  4. Tanktastic

    Adel, Iowa. Conformation show. 9-14-2013

    Do you know the start time for the first show on Saturday?
  5. Tanktastic

    Adel, Iowa. Conformation show. 9-14-2013

    BULLDOG HAVEN (IA)Saturday, September 14, 2013 Location: Dallas County Fairgrounds 2899 Fairgrounds Rd Adel, IA50003 The Bulldog Haven APBTC (IA) will host 2 conformation shows on Saturday and 1 conformation show on Sunday at the Dallas County Fairgrounds in Adel, IA. No weight pull will be...
  6. Tanktastic

    Registries and moral obligation.

    Do you believe that registries have a moral obligation to better the breeds they recognize? If they do then why have most purebred registered dogs continued to decline health wise? Why have the two most recognized registries (AKC/UKC) continued to push just looks and not ability while completely...
  7. Tanktastic

    New puppy!!

    EEEK!! Puppy breath :aww: Too cute! They change so much when they are growing it's hard to tell if his nose will turn black or not. Wow, his eyes aren't even open yet. When did they say you could pick him up (how old will he be)?
  8. Tanktastic

    Illegal to grow food in your front yard

    It's all ri-god-damn-diculous. Collecting rainwater, selling raw milk, drinking raw milk, selling eggs from the farm....... All illegal somewhere. A couple of years back in Wisconsin a judge stated that the people do not have a right to grow/produce and then consume what they choose...
  9. Tanktastic

    An Americans opinion please ?!

    She is beautiful. I may be partial because she looks so much like my pup
  10. Tanktastic

    Inside the cat and dog meat market in China

    Meh. I have no problem with people eating farm raised cat and dog. The problem I have is the conditions in which they spend their time being raised to butchering age/weight and the manner in which they are killed before butchering. Would I eat cat or dog? Maybe, if I happen to be visiting a...
  11. Tanktastic

    If you knew then what you know now ...

    I know, right! Brick Top, Bullet Tooth Tony, Boris the Blade, Franky Four Fingers, Gorgeous George.... You like dags? Periwinkle blue...
  12. Tanktastic

    If you knew then what you know now ...

    Tank : I would have named him Turkish. I didn't know that so many people named their dogs Tank and I hadn't seen the movie "Snatch" yet. (that was 14 yrs ago that I named him) Pi : No (not yet). Just under a year old and so far it suits her.
  13. Tanktastic

    THE Rant Thread

    I f-ing hate lying asshat scum. Seriously!! Two days ago I drove 3 1/2 hours (interstate mind you) to look at a used van. This van was at a dealership and I spoke at length with the sales associate about the van. He assured me it ran great, the tires are all in really good shape (1/2-3/4 tread)...
  14. Tanktastic

    Weird Things You Eat...

    I always have to have a peanut butter sandwich to dunk in my chicken noodle soup now. Our friend did it a few years ago while they were visiting and it is so delicious.
  15. Tanktastic

    GMO Foods?

    I have watched Food, Inc. I have grown GMO plants in my garden as well as heirloom plants and though the GMOs produced larger and more they did not taste as good as the heirloom plants. Another problem I had with the GMO plants is that saving seeds for the next planting season doesn't work. They...
  16. Tanktastic

    An aggressive

    Excellent post catchrcall. My sentiments exactly.
  17. Tanktastic

    newly adopted dog barks after i tell him NO

    My pup does this every now and again, like she's sass talking. We use uh-uh and then redirect her with something else. Redirecting your dog to an appropriate and really fun toy or call him to you and treat might help.
  18. Tanktastic

    An aggressive

    There are laws on the books already to deal with irresponsible owners, if they were actually enforced it would make a difference. As for BYB's, educating the general public about BYB's and the genetic messes they produce would greatly lower bybs business. If they aren't making money they will...
  19. Tanktastic

    Your dogs nicknames?

    Oh, when she was a tiny puppy she had her dark side we called Red Fury:)
  20. Tanktastic

    Your dogs nicknames?

    Pi is just Pi. Some relatives call her pumpkin or apple. When she is in heat we have been calling her Miss Jiggly bits.