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Search results

  1. ElJay

    Post January 2015 Theme!

    ElJay's Twister with his Valentine's Day gift, Stratton's "Bulldog Edition"
  2. ElJay

    Post January 2015 Puppy!

    ElJay's Rammer Jammer @ 13 weeks old
  3. ElJay

    Post January 2015 Female!

    ElJay's Knuckles @ 2 years and 10 months old.
  4. ElJay

    Post January 2015 Male!

    ElJay's Night Train @ 7 years old
  5. ElJay

    POST! March's Male of the Month

    ElJayBee's Twister @ 3 years old (and wet & slobbery)
  6. ElJay

    February 22-23: ADBA Weight Pull CULLMAN COUNTY ALABAMA

    Can't wait, almost here! Hope we have a good turn-out
  7. ElJay

    GA: Cartersville: ADBA Georgia APBTC Confo/WP - April 26/27, 2014

    Well crap!!! The last time I had checked they were planning on having it the first weekend in May, which I was super excited about. I'm disappointed to see they've changed it. Now I can't go. I had to miss it last year because it's during finals and now that they've changed it, I'll have to...
  8. ElJay

    February 22-23: ADBA Weight Pull CULLMAN COUNTY ALABAMA

    We'd love to have you! And yes, all dogs competing have to be registered with the ADBA to compete. But if you have a dog that's not registerd (or even if it is registered) and you want to practice, you're more than welcome to pull on the track before or after the show. And there will plenty...
  9. ElJay

    February 22-23: ADBA Weight Pull CULLMAN COUNTY ALABAMA

    Hope to see lots of folks there!
  10. ElJay

    My dogs @ the HOD ADBA Show

    thank you everyone! haha yep, that's Johnny Cash alright, the man in black! lol WBT, I got the collar as a gift from a good friend. She got it from CaliGirl Collars. Great products. Which dog did you own? I'd love to hear more about her.
  11. ElJay

    My dogs @ the HOD ADBA Show

    Here are a few pics of my dogs at the Heart of Dixie ADBA Show. I didn't take these pics, friends of mine did, but I want to share. Calypso @ 8 months old http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/public/printPedigree.php?dog_id=421038 Captain @ 3 years old...
  12. ElJay

    Weight Pull in Jasper, AL October 26th!

    Announcing an October Weight Pull Fun Event in Jasper, AL! Please come out and show your support and have some fun! Hosted by the Walker County Pull Team.... Please bring cat and dog food donations for the local animal shelters. Entry fees are $10 per dog. All breeds welcome! Fee proceeds go to...
  13. ElJay

    Tennessee Valley APBT Club FUN SHOW October 5th!

    haha i like the wild ones! it'd be good for both of ya. hope to see you there!
  14. ElJay

    Tennessee Valley APBT Club FUN SHOW October 5th!

    heck yeah! bring him! we'd love to see you there
  15. ElJay

    Tennessee Valley APBT Club FUN SHOW October 5th!

    Please come out and support this new club! The members have been working extra hard despite some obstacles to get this club up and running and they've done a great job so far! So please come show your support and help them become a success and an ADBA sanctioned club for the state of...
  16. ElJay

    Barca update

    she's pretty :-)