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    The REAL JRT

    What's in a name? Well for Jack Russell Terrier it's more about people and politics than dogs. People had fox terriers. One person by the name of Reverend Jack Russell bred a famous strain of fox terriers. They were enough different from the run of the mill fox terriers that people tacked on...
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    Fastest breeds

    I would bet your lure club, after all the other runs are done, would allow you to reset the lure course as a straight run rather than a winding course allowing a straight run time to be found
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    Fastest breeds

    I'd take the claimed speeds of some of these dogs with a big grain of salt. The fastest greyhound record is 41.8 according to Guinness World Records. Track speed of top dogs on their best runs usually equate to 39.something, but this is on a curve. Not sure if it is enough of a curve to...
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    Fastest breeds

    I'd say some of the lean long legged hound breeds and their kin, American Fox Hound, English Smooth Coated Pointer, and similar breeds
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    Never leave two dogs alone unsupervised...?

    As an absolute rule I only apply it to dog breeds that have been selectively bred in the past to have aggression toward other canines. This doesn't mean there aren't really good reasons for keeping other breeds separated and confined. You don't want your house destroyed? You don't want an...
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    Know hes a mutt but can anyone tell me from what?

    I disagree. We are used to the American Kennel Club standard of 'breed' which involves a closed stud book (i.e. no unregistered animals are ever allowed to mix in) and honestly that is a very unhealthy example to follow. I much prefer the more agricultural method where if something is 7/8ths...
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    Question about Culling.....

    Cull means remove from the breeding program One method of culling is indeed killing. However this is unusual, as you'd not be able to judge the quality of the dog until it was out of puppy stage In most instances when talking about dogs 'culling' would involve neutering the dog In some cases...
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    Is a pitbull even a breed?

    First you must come to grips with a fundamental issue. There are no breeds. There are no species. There are no genus, no order, no class, no phylum, no kingdom. All these divisions are artificial constructs overlaid on the latticework of life to help us categorize it and understand it. This...
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    Know hes a mutt but can anyone tell me from what?

    Alaskan Husky is a type of dog. It could easily become a breed in an instant if those who were breeding them decided to ONLY breed to other Alaskan Huskies and set up a registry (because they as a group breed true-to-type for performance characteristics even if they do not breed true-to-type in...
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    Paying a high Price for a dog.

    If you are getting a dog for free, it is generally because you have some relation with that person. Dogmen tend to hang with Dogmen. It does not surprise me at all that one dogman would have a pup that he feels has great potential, a dog that he wouldn't sell for $10,000 to a stranger, but...
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    Hog Hunting With Dogs-Where is it legal?

    in most states where hunting feral hogs is legal, you can hunt them with dogs. Generally hunting rules are set per species. So in a state where hunting hogs with dogs is legal, don't expect to be able to hunt deer with dogs.
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    Dog Designer Hybrids

    some of those dogs are indeed cute, but many of the mixes make me sad. In many of those dogs, in their hearts and in there bones they have the desire to do a behavior they were bred for. Doing that behavior is part of what they are. Because they were crossed with a very physically...
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    Dog Designer Hybrids

    No, Puggles and Labradoodles are hybrids. Even if they have a standard, they are still created from taking two existing breeds and crossing them EVERY TIME (or at least at the grandparent level) Now you can create a new breed by mixing two existing breeds but that's just the foundation...
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    Dog Attacks

    I think in most cases it is the owner who is to blame. The victim is never to blame unless they do something outrageously stupid or criminal. For example, a victim climbing a fence into a backyard and getting attacked = victim's fault. Now, often the victim's actions lead to the attack...
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    APBT - Loves to fight?

    the APBT is what we (humans) created it to be. Take a group of dogs in their most primitive form. You will find some that are bigger, some that are smaller, some that are better sniffers, some that are more interested in birds, in sheep, in rabbits, and in other dogs. You selectively...
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    Do dogs go to heaven?

    Your soul goes to Heaven. Man was created in the Image of God and is the only being with a soul. Even angels do not have souls. Man with all his terrible faults is closer to God because of his soul than anything else. (There is an old Jewish saying that in front of every man walking on this...
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    Dog Designer Hybrids

    I don't agree with the implications of this statement. A breed is created when someone has a specific plan and through many years of breeding eliminates undesirable traits while fixing the desirable traits to the point where the progeny created are predictable in conformation. i.e. breeds...
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    Dog Designer Hybrids

    hy·brid    –noun 1.the offspring of two animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, species, or genera, especially as produced through human manipulation for specific genetic characteristics. 2.a person or group of persons produced by the interaction or crossbreeding of two unlike...
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    AmBullys in Florida

    Buy the dog that has the best physical form, best parents, best attitude. Coloration should be very very very low on the list of reasons to buy a dog.
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    Is this dog related to the APBT??

    There was what I consider a great mix of fighting dogs that varied by region but weren't really formalized into breed. Often dogs of this type are called 'bull and terrier' From this 'pool' many times dog breeders with a specific vision have combed the pool and selected dogs that had the...