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    Bull terriers failed as fighting dogs?

    I think too much is made of them being a "failure" in the fighting pit, it's not to say they wern't good it's just they didn't quite match or improve upon the more common fighting breeds at the time. And it's also true that many of the great fighting dogs of the UK had Bull Terrier blood in...
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    Dog parks and BTs

    My dog is the same, we don't have dog parks here but their are loads of dogs where i walk and my dog is super friendly but he has zero social skills, he just doesn't seem to understand what the other dog is saying or he just doesn't care. He gets attacked a couple of times a week, he never...
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    Do you BTs sit like this?

    yep mine too, i'll try and get a picture.
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    My new puppy

    Congratulations on the new pup, I too wanted one from age 12 when I first saw one and finally got mine at 25 so I beat you by a year haha
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    Just a couple of pics of my boy

    Thanks, glad you like him
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    Just a couple of pics of my boy

    Haven't been on here for a long time so i thought i'd just post a quick couple of pics of my boy.
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    What does your BT weigh?

    My boy Banksy is 74lbs he'll be 2 next month
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    Been told she is too thin..HONEST OPINIONS Also..some cute shots!!!!

    Your dog's not skinny, it's ready for action thats how she would look if she was in the wild. The one breed i hate to see overweight is a pitbull, the big muscular pits wouldn't last 5 minutes doing the job they were originally bred for.
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    Standoffish BT?

    She's at that stage that she's too cool for you, remember when you were young and you used to not want to be seen with your mum so you used to walk a few steps in front. My dog was like this from about 9-14 months, now he follows me round, listens to every word i say and will sleep on my lap at...
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    as Mardi said if it is between the muscle and skin and freely moves around under the skin its usually fine.
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    Cesar was attacked-warning blood

    i cant believe your dog takes that. my dog meets a cat, equals one dead cat
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    anyone familiar with stud tail?

    My intact boy got this when he was 7 months along with the bald spot between his ears, it is only now growing back and he's 17 months old. I took him to the vet because it looked a bit sore and they said it is very common, some people say salmon oil and listerine help to clear it up but it never...
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    my sister is afraid to let YACHI play w/ her CHIHUAHUA!

    Most likely they will be fine just keep a close eye on them, and never leave them unsupervised even for 20 seconds. King rat is right dogs can tell another dog from a mile away, so he won't get confused and think it's a rodent. Plus chis are a very confident and smart breed so will adapt to his...
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    BT's never used for blood sports?

    I always hear this, and it clearly isn't true. Some of the best fighting dogs in ireland were bull terriers like the red hand of ulster (mostly a badger dog but a successful fighter aswell) as well as crosses such as stormer and psycho. My friend in Mallorca says bull terriers are still one of...
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    Max is 1 year old!!!

    By uphill I mean it only gets better. My dog was really crazy till 14 months, a real hand full now he seems to have finally grasped what I want him to do, he actually listens now.
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    Max is 1 year old!!!

    Happy Birthday Max, and congratulations to you for getting him through puppyhood. My dog was a year old 3 months ago and it's all uphill after the first year.
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    Collars out of belts

    I've made a couple out of belts and they turned out really nice. But I'm like Hucklebutt I have a strange obsession with dog collars, my dogs only 15 months old now and he's got 7 collars, 5 harnesses and 4 leads my front porch looks like a pet shop.
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    Sudden lack of stamina

    He is back to his normal crazy self today, which is a big relief but I'm still taking him to the vet to make sure.
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    Sudden lack of stamina

    He Had his heart checked at the vet and it seemed fine. What am I looking for in the colour of his gums, Tongue and ears?
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    Sudden lack of stamina

    My 15 month old dog has had a distinct lack of stamina for the last couple of weeks. He has always been walked about 3 miles a day and always wanted to go out, until recently. I have been playing ball with him and he seems to tire within 5 minutes and he pants very hard for a long time after. It...