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Search results

  1. Duchess

    I didn't know I love pitbulls

    I just had to move back in with my parents, for a very short temporary time frame, however I had a major issue with my stepmom and my dog. She absolutely refused to allow my dog in the house, stating, "my friends cousins brothers next door neighbor knew someone who knew someone that had a pit...
  2. Duchess

    APBT co-existing with smaller dogs

    Yes, never leave them alone together, no matter how much you trust them. That's an accident waiting to happen. My bully does hang out with the neighbors lil jack russell and their lil dachshund and they get along great, never had a problem with them together. They run and play and chase each...
  3. Duchess

    Letting your dog sleep with you?

    Duchess sleeps with me. If I tell her to get down, she'll get in her bed beside mine. She usually sleeps stretched out right up against me, but lately I've been waking up and she's above my head on top of the pillow, leaving me with barely any pillow left. lol. She's a snuggler too.
  4. Duchess

    Does Your Dog Do This ??

    that is too cute!
  5. Duchess

    Logan's a big boy now

    very handsome!
  6. Duchess

    Just a few new ones..

    They look great!
  7. Duchess

    cali time

  8. Duchess

    Post: January 2011 Theme!

    Duchess' Duchess @ 2 years
  9. Duchess

    New to site & she needs a name

    Welcome! She's a cutie!
  10. Duchess


    Hello and Welcome! :)
  11. Duchess

    New guy

  12. Duchess

    Post: January 2012 Females!

    Duchess' Duchess @ 2 years
  13. Duchess

    Help me Name this little APBT

    How about Bronx, callie, ruby, bonnie...
  14. Duchess

    For those with 1-2 year old dogs, RE: Crating or leaving alone in home when gone?

    I did not crate mine. She was a rescue that I got when she was 5months old. The first time I left her alone, she did have an accident, and a flip flop was murdered. I left her alone for about 2 hours the first time. The next time she was left alone, no accident, but there was another flip flop...
  15. Duchess

    Taste Of The Wild Dog Food??

    lol yeah I'm still debating on that, and the canidae stuff. Oh, decisions decisions. lol
  16. Duchess

    Taste Of The Wild Dog Food??

    Hey! Is anyone currently feeding their dog this brand of dry food? I'd like see if anyone has any feedback or comments on this brand, as I'm thinking about switching my Duchess to this food.
  17. Duchess

    Taste Of The Wild Dog Food??

    Is anyone feeding their dog this, and if so do you have any complaints or comments on this brand?
  18. Duchess

    new pictures

    They are beautiful!
  19. Duchess

    New Collars for a Pretty Lady [HEAVY]

    aww! I love them! She takes great pictures!~