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    how to cancel forum membership?

    Thanks Joe, I appreciate it!
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    how to cancel forum membership?

    I can't find directions on how to cancel membership to the forum. I have searched through the settings tab and on my tab. I have also used the "search" feature but found nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
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    1-5 game!

    5. NCIS 5 Most Annoying Songs 1. Gangnam Style 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    odd behavior???

    My dogs do it kinda frequently....mostly outside but inside too sometimes. I don't dismiss it completely because their senses are so good I figure they see/ear/smell/sense something... Often I never do figure out what it is. Sometimes I do, and it's not that big of a deal (to me...it is to...
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    Shelter Gems. Show off your rescued dog.

    This is Floyd -- been home 3 weeks and doing great!
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    A side of my boy I didnt think was there

    McSharesALot... :rofl:
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    Help. My APBT allow burglar into my home.

    :rofl: Mine also point….to the jewelry!
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    "Low Maintenance" is a bad way to describe...

    Good point! I wonder though if general folks who see the headline "low maintenance dogs" think of the grooming aspect, or more in general.
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    "Low Maintenance" is a bad way to describe...

    "Low Maintenance" is a bad way to describe... any dog, in my opinion. This article 5 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds | Pets - Yahoo Shine lists breeds that are "low maintenance." The whole idea of the article seems wrong to me… people who read it will think they can get one of these dogs and...
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    what is my dog?

    "...questionable origins" ! Hilarious, and so true. I snorted on that one.
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    Need Help

    Hi Autumn! Sounds like your dog is very lucky you have rescued her! There are some very experienced dog folks on here who I am sure will weigh in. I wouldn't let her bite me, ever, even if it seems like puppy play. She needs to learn that her teeth never go on human skin. And training is...
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    Mason.Sugar update

    The pics are awesome, as are the dogs!
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    This! Well said, and why I explored the question when I was looking at adopting a potential bull-breed mix.
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    One Click Captures

    What it looked like when I looked down on my run today! All 3, for the 1st time. The middle one is the rookie, he is learning really well. [/URL] [/URL]
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    New member :)

    Welcome! Lots of people on this forum have carefully bred and documented bully breeds. And lots don't! Mine is a boxer/bullybreed/? kind of a dog! :grin: Take a look around, there is amazing information and knowledge in the stickies in each section, and most folks are happy to help with...
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    Riding my bike with my pitbull.

    That's impressive!
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    Vet Aggression

    Am I the only one who saw this thread title and thought, "Wow! Some Vet is getting aggressive with a dog?" LOL, OK, so I am weird...
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    Hi from rochester

    Hello! Welcome to the site...you will find a lot of great info on bully breeds, and on diets, if you haven't already!
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    Feeling Ill Equipped

    You will probably hear this from others - and no one is trying to put off your questions...but take a look around the site, use the search to find specific issues "multi dog" and "crate and rotate" are examples. There is great info on the 2 week shutdown here and also if you google it. I am in...
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    I understand that feeling completely - it seems better for me sometimes to think/talk through some of the issues with someone else. I want to understand and gain from the huge wealth of experience of others on this forum, if for no other reason than to avoid bumbling into mistakes that could be...