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    Please help - my Katie is starving to death

    Google satin balls. Make a few up and try them. I have seen them put plenty of dogs back on food. Shotgun Arkansas
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    Rehoming fee

    It's not a fee it's a sale. Fees are attached to a sale. Call it what it is. If you can't look at a crack head and know it's a crack head they would pay anyway. They know the value and don't mind turning a buck on the street. Not a valid argument in my mind. Shotgun Arkansas
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    my dog killed my cat

    Why will people research every aspect of a TV they want yet just expect a dog to be the perfect pet and get along with every other animal. Dogs chase things that run. Cats run from dogs. Dogs bite things to see what they taste like. Cats get mad when bitten and scratch. Dogs get mad when...
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    What kind of names do you like?

    My dogs have names that just hit me. Sadie, Kane, lady, Sky, star, Dixie, roxy,Bruce,red, Rufus, Fancy, dip stick, rowdy, lil girl, goofy, dusty and peaches. These are the dogs I have right now. Shotgun Arkansas
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    Uncontrollable barking: Fear or dominance issue? PLEASE HELP!!

    You basically have little to no control over this dog. The only control you have is what she allows. My suggestion would be ample obedience training to gain control. Once this is done the situation at hand should be easily solved. Shotgun Arkansas
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    Best weapon to defend against multiple knife attackers?

    A bat can be very handy against a knife. But remember swing to cause extreme injury. If not u might as well have nothing. Shotgun Arkansas
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    Diamond naturals large breed puppy food

    There is nothing in the world wrong with diamond naturals feed. I have raised several pups on diamond puppy food. I currently feed 14 healthy hunting dogs on naturals. I can maintain weight regardless of work level by varying the amount slightly. I don't have to feed a bunch to keep my dogs...
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    Am I paranoid about DA?

    I have 12 hunting dogs of varied breeds and crosses. I can turn them out in the woods and they get along fine with every other dog we have hunted with. There may be some smelling and maybe some posturing but they get lined out pretty fast. These dogs are all hog hunting dogs that have no issue...
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    Shelter dog biting (non pit bull)

    Fear biting. On the first part. The pants leg thing is simply prey drive. Common in hunting breeds. That will lessen with age or correction. Shotgun Arkansas
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    why do they call apbt bulldogs?

    Where I'm from a bulldog is a generic term for the bull type dog. I have catch dogs that are Bulldogs because they have no papers. They are simply Bulldogs. I do know guys that have pit catch dogs and American bulldog CD's along with varied crosses. My dogs are listed at the vets office as...
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    Is Moose too thin?

    Compared to the 3 pups a friend has that are 11 months old I would say he is comparable in size. GP's are big dogs no doubt but they don't get that way over night. It takes time for them to fill out. My friend has 3 pups and 2 adult dogs that are working dogs. They are well fed and cared for. Ur...
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    Rant and one idea

    If u don't want the obvious enough go pro. You could try the I CAM. They are sunglasses with built in camera. Shotgun Arkansas
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    Treatment of DA vs. HA...asking others to tolerate risk?

    I have a yard full of hog dogs. If any one of them shows aggression toward me it's done. Plain and simple. I do have dogs that are possessive over the hog. Those dogs are pulled out and leashed to a tree until hog is loaded. Otherwise another dog may get bit. Once hog is loaded I can turn all...
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    Treatment of DA vs. HA...asking others to tolerate risk?

    Not every pit is DA. As far as DA goes I do not tolerate it either. I can't. I have too many other dogs that are more valuable to me than my bulldogs. It is easier to keep ur dog away from dogs than it is people. U can never completely trust a dog that is HA. Not being able to trust a dog buts...
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    Swine Catchers

    I have 3 different catch dogs. 2 are Bulldogs 1 is a ridgeback x pit. Both have their purpose and both do a fine job. If u are catching 4 and 500 pounders regular u should be explaining this to the rest of us because I sure don't know anyone that does and I know a lot of folks. Shotgun Arkansas
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    Anyone's dog ever get "skunked?"

    If it has just happened use dawn dish washing liquid. Skunk spray has an oil like base to it. Dawn is good at releasing oil bases from hair. Key is do it ASAP after spraying. Shotgun Arkansas
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    Anyone like a fit Lab?

    First 2 at 6 or 7 years old 13 years old trying to retrieve a landscape timber. Don't have anything younger. He has been a fine dog. Until about 9 or 10 he was very fit. He ran miles and miles every day. My dog is an American Lab. He weighed in around 95# his whole life till he got old and...
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    What to do with rude children?

    Fly swat and a lil discussion. If sister can't handle that she can take the kid home. Shotgun Arkansas
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    Veronica has the potential to be a good hog dog

    Bull dogs remind me of mike Tyson. The voice don't match the visual. Shotgun Arkansas
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    breaking up dog fights

    Yep break stick and a good lead. That is the only option really in a single person situation. Ur arms aren't long enough to keep them apart or to use a break stick while pushing them apart . Shotgun Arkansas