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  1. kbell6987

    Loki's offical thread..

    he is gorgeous, i love seeing all the pics of loki and thous pics are wonderful im super envious of the beautiful terrain you have access to :)
  2. kbell6987

    joker and cali's pulling progress

    thank you, it has been a great experience so far and Joker enjoys pulling so much im really glad we found this sport and wonderful people willing to mentor us. i will continue to update his progress and accomplishments :) still looking for a safe sport Cali will enjoy lol she hasnt enjoyed...
  3. kbell6987

    joker and cali's pulling progress

    lol no worries, we pulled on rails with a 3.5" incline. Joker did Amazing he didnt come off the track at all, the cart didnt even faze him and he was amazingly focused. he finished 3rd in his class ( 81-90lb class) he pulled 2310lbs (26.25X his body weight) i am very proud of him and he acts...
  4. kbell6987

    Males or Females- random question

    Joker is my dog and only listens to me and he will let females of any species love on him. but he is standoff with men he does not seek attention from my husband or really want anything to do with him lol. cali my female loves and gravitates to me but she is equally loving of my husband and son...
  5. kbell6987

    joker and cali's pulling progress

    no we have only been working with the a sled this will be our first time on a track. the club has a rail track and wheels on carpet so we will see how it goes im excited to see how a competition works and how joker reacts to the environment :) i will update on sunday when we get back :)
  6. kbell6987

    joker and cali's pulling progress

    we are competing in Balzac alberta and we are starting in the APA season i believe we are also part of the IWPA region 3 but that season just ended, and there is something about the pull counting for Iron dog as well but i really have no idea im really learning as i go lol... thank you
  7. kbell6987

    joker and cali's pulling progress

    thanks for looking he is now pulling 50lb long sessions and 90lb short session on the drag sled (his weight right now is about 85lbs) im super proud of my boy and will let everyone know how his first competition goes at the end of the month.
  8. kbell6987

    joker and cali's pulling progress

    so i have been lacking on the updates lol but we are entered in our first competition on the 30th, i am taking joker as he seems ready :) Cali is still pulling but the progress is slower to keep working up her confidence and she is more interested in long runs then pulling un like Joker who...
  9. kbell6987

    Post May 2015 Female!

    kbell6987's Cali at 3 yrs old
  10. kbell6987

    Post May 2015 Male!

    kbell6987's Joker at 3yrs old
  11. kbell6987

    Post May 2015 Theme!

    kbell6987's Cali at 2+ yrs old
  12. kbell6987

    Fluid range of dog aggression

    neat discussion, my male american bulldog mix is DA only with large breed males, he was attacked by a great dane when he was just over a year and now meets other large males looking for a fight, small breed dogs and all females he loves and is absolutely tolerant. my female rescue bull mix is...
  13. kbell6987

    jolly ball/egg fun in the snow

    well there was no snow when i went to bed but thanks to alberta's weather the first day of spring was a winter wonderland lol Joker and Cali dont seem to mind though :) i really need a good camera for taking action shots lol all the moving ones are super blurry :)
  14. kbell6987

    Do you leave a collar on your dog 24/7?

    lol i leave them on for the most part Joker hates it when i take his off, but i take it off them regularly to brush and scratch them as well they are super used to there collars being on :) and i can just picture GiGi lol
  15. kbell6987

    All new "kryptek" camo collar patterns are here !!

    the regular sized collars fit joker on the last hole but are still tight and the end of the collar sticks strait out so we ordered the kryptek to be the same length as his big dog collars and it is a perfect size for his fat neck lol
  16. kbell6987

    All new "kryptek" camo collar patterns are here !!

    we love them and thanks to shane for the extra length on jokers it fits perfect :)
  17. kbell6987

    All new "kryptek" camo collar patterns are here !!

    we got our Kryptek collars :)
  18. kbell6987

    joker and cali's pulling progress

    cali was happy but really wanted to "play" with one of the other dogs and i really had to work at keeping her focus
  19. kbell6987

    joker and cali's pulling progress

    more practice pics
  20. kbell6987

    Post March 2015 Theme!

    kbell6987's joker at 16 months