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  1. destinee20

    bane my new pup.

    Another update :) banes doing great weighing at 59 pounds still same height way better on his commands now, still has to be in the kennel at night cause he likes to chew up walls
  2. destinee20


    Opps forgot to add hes 8 months an week
  3. destinee20


    Heres some updated pics :) hes looking a litt more lab/pit then am. bulldog/pit but still adorable!!! Hes at 57 lbs maybe 19" tall Sorry for the poor quality just using my smartphone
  4. destinee20

    Naughty Pitties... What has your dog destroyed?

    I left bane alone in my bedroom once just so i could run to the grocery store real quick an i came home to lots of things 2 holes in the wall lamp cord chewed to pieces fan cord chewed up roll of electric tape destroyed One of my shirts an bra destroyed Belt chewed up Wood around door...
  5. destinee20

    You asked for Krayon. So here ya go......

    He has grown so much! Cant wait to see him fill out :) hopefully he keeps his goofy faces :)
  6. destinee20

    How much does your 4 to 6 month puppy weigh?

    Okies back to the original topic :) For another reference bane was 40 pounds at 4 months, so close to yours :) He's now 53 at 7 months He's mixed with am. Bulldog though. Hope everyone didn't scare you away Also your pup roo is very cute.
  7. destinee20


    It rained alot today so when we took the dogs out potty they had a little fun They were only out there for a couple minutes , now there all nice an dry
  8. destinee20

    Foot size???

    I think it all depends on the pup, my pup had huge paws to me an hes now on the smaller side but still has big feet lol so who knows your pup could be bigger with smaller feet or just normal, i could be wrong thats just my experience :) Maybe someone else has better knowledge.
  9. destinee20

    Beefy update

    Beautiful pup :) hope to see more pictures soon
  10. destinee20


    Yes it survived :) i think its got a hole in it now but still good for next time, for the first couple minutes he just walked through it trying to cool off then started trying to bite it, it was a funny couple minutes. And yes, he is a little overweight lol he was filled with water during...
  11. destinee20


  12. destinee20


    I know these arnt of bane but my other dog was freaking out on the water so i had to show some pictures
  13. destinee20

    How big is your dog?

    Bane. Am. Bully X am. Bulldog Almost 7 months. about 18 inches high. Currently at 52lbs an growing Neck maybe 17 or 18? Has a 19 in collar but a little big Tookie. Am. Bully almost 3years About 70lbs Alittle taller then bane so maybe 21" high necks 21 i think
  14. destinee20


    Okies here's some updated pictures of bane :) he's still the same weight about 48, and no thats not a collar i was seeing how good brown leather looks on him an i love it now i want to buy one now :) He's looking good to me, but what do you guys think? I would like his muscles to be more...
  15. destinee20

    Krayon @ 7 months

    Oh wow he's growing fast :) still a very beautiful boy though! He has jumped far ahead of bane they only used to be about 3 pounds off but now krayon is a good 10 pounds heavier then bane
  16. destinee20

    Updated puppy pictures

    Ahhhhhh!!! I love the little white and..grey? one its so cute an chubby!!
  17. destinee20

    Is our pup too skinny?

    I do agree with adding more food to about 3 cups a day , i think puppys should have a little belly :) Heres is mine when he was about 9 weeks 17 pounds. As you can see, no hip or rib bones showing :) Anyways your pup is very cute
  18. destinee20


    I dont like wasting threads so this will be for any updated pictures from here on :) At a friends house today.
  19. destinee20

    bane my new pup.

    Sorry i haven't been on here in awhile been busy an not much to update, bane is still same height an still ways 42 pounds an he's almost 6 months in a week :)