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  1. ETRaven

    So, I'm gettin' divorced....

    I think he started again because he recently was made a really nice offer by an old employer and went back to them. His old work buddies are heavy drinkers and I think peer pressure has gotten the best of him. ETA: that, and he has told me he thinks he can have one and stop. *Eye roll*
  2. ETRaven

    So, I'm gettin' divorced....

    We went through therapy last time. He eventually stopped and I continued to go, it opened my eyes to see that I had some personal issues of my own that were unresolved. Because of that, he thinks I'm the issue and not him. I haven't suggested it this time, because I know he wouldn't take it...
  3. ETRaven

    So, I'm gettin' divorced....

    Thanks sage, I really appreciate you telling me that the vows can be broken because of this infraction. It's hard, I truly believe of "in sickness and in health" and this is a terrible sickness. As for two years, I'm not even sure I'd take him back after that. He was sober for 5 before this...
  4. ETRaven

    So, I'm gettin' divorced....

    And, Raven has been great. She lets me lay on her and just cry. I don't cry to the kids and try to stay positive and reinforce that their dad and I love them more than the world. But my little Raven, she knows the truth and she's been a rock so far. It's so weird, she knows I'm upset and...
  5. ETRaven

    So, I'm gettin' divorced....

    Thanks guys. I try to understand that it is an illness and it's the booze and not him talking, but he started drinking again in January. I had a big heart to heart with him and told him how much his drinking hurts me. I wasn't screaming, I wasn't angry, I thought things went well and he would...
  6. ETRaven

    We had a bad day today.

    I'm sorry to hear this. I think that liability-wise, you are pretty safe, both dogs were leashed and both owners agreed to let the dogs meet. I muzzle Raven. We worked slowly and she associates muzzle with positive stuff, like car rides and going to see Grammy. It's just something we have...
  7. ETRaven

    So, I'm gettin' divorced....

    I'm just so heartbroken. My husband and I of almost 9 years are divorcing. I filed. He started drinking again and I just can't take it. He accuses me of horrible things (cheating, etc) and is the textbook alcoholic husband. I'm so crushed, but I know no matter what he says, things are not...
  8. ETRaven

    Misunderstood Nanny Dog?

    DING, DING, DING, Vannah, tell the lady what's she's won!
  9. ETRaven

    WTFWTF Wednesday: What The Fuck? Way Too Fat edition.

    I love when I see fit littles. I can't help but go up to the owner and applaud them for keeping their dog(s) so healthy and nice-looking. I love when I see fit big dogs too, but seeing a fit little is an anomaly here. Most owners (here) think their overweight toy dog is cute. It's so sad.
  10. ETRaven

    WTFWTF Wednesday: What The Fuck? Way Too Fat edition.

    Poor dog is just waiting for CHF. How could the owners not see that? Moreover, we have vets in this area that don't even comment if a dog is overweight. This obesity epidemic in the states, in humans and animals is shameful.
  11. ETRaven

    Would you intervene if you saw an animal being abused?

    I've seen what I consider abusive "training" at some events I've gone to. In those circumstances I just shake my head. However, I'm not a big believer in positive punishment-type training, so take that with a grain of salt. Some may be more tolerant of seeing it happen than I. If I saw a...
  12. ETRaven

    What an eventful week end.(LONG)

    Wow, I'm so glad to hear Cesar is fine, but furious at that vet.
  13. ETRaven

    New behavior- selective with people

    How are these people that he dodges approaching him? Are they going towards him palm up or palm down ready to pat on the head?
  14. ETRaven

    Raven is having lower eyelid surgery next week

    We're great everyone! Healing has been a challenge because, as you all know, it's hard to keep a hyper puppy on restriction, but we made it! Also got the path results Friday and the tumor was benign!! So happy!!:dance2::dance2:
  15. ETRaven

    Some dog pictures from hunts this year

    Awesome pics. Send Gizmo me!
  16. ETRaven

    Raven is having lower eyelid surgery next week

    Raven's out of surgery and home. She's groggy and looks horrible. It was a tumor and had really deep roots, they cut very deep into the tissue to get it all. It's being sent out for pathology, results will be in next Thursday at the latest. She's got a flap of skin that I have to watch...
  17. ETRaven

    Updated pictures of Achilles

    Ah, well, we'll have to agree to disagree. I'm pretty well acquainted with Steve Rosamburg in WA state, who would probably advise you that sch isn't something to dabble in...it's a lifestyle.
  18. ETRaven

    Updated pictures of Achilles

    He's a gorgeous boy! Just curious why sch? I'm not a huge fan of encouraging HA in bull breeds.
  19. ETRaven

    Building muscle?

    I really like core training on a bosu ball.
  20. ETRaven

    January 2016 Puppy Winner!

    Oh Lord! He makes my little wild child look like a senior frenchie or something! I thought Ravey was a handful, but he's got her beat!