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    Salon.com; In Defense of the Pit Bull

    Wow I must be on the wrong website. I was banned from pitbullforums.com because I came out against dogfighting and chaining. Now I get trashed here for posting what I thought was a positive pit bull article. Moderator please remove this thread. I'm done here.
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    CO: Owner of chained dog: We don't abuse our dogs

    Exactly. A fence is far better than a chain. No need for a chain if you have a fence strong enough and tall enough so the dog can't get out. To me that means a concrete footer and at least a 6' tall fence, both of which we have. Then you can have your dogs outside in dog houses and not kennels...
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    Salon.com; In Defense of the Pit Bull

    This is old news to most of us, and the dog pictured is an Ambully, but any positive news is good right? This is from a left wing political website; In defense of the pit bull They used to be considered the perfect "nanny dogs" for children -- until the media turned them into...
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    WI: In Cambridge, a pit bull named Sherlock triggers a rancorous showdown

    Our insurance carrier will void our policy if they know we have pit bulls and we live in a house. They don't check, though, because we have had pit bulls over 10 years. I would suggest to anyone looking to buy a house that they go with an insurance underwriter that doesn't care about what kind...
  5. D

    Hector the Pit Bull fights new battle

    RIP Hector. :( :(
  6. D

    Want to get a guard dog in a few months

    Like you I have two pits bro/sis littermates. The male is a great watchdog. He sits on the top of his Big Man chair and barks at stuff going on outside while his sister naps. As for being a guard dog...if a burglar broke in my house he would show the guy where our valuables are and help him...
  7. D


    My youngest son's female pit was mounted by a pomeranian(he could not find the ladder that the pom used tho lol). He calls the pups "piteranians" lol. Picture the long snout and tall upstanding ears of the pomeranian and the rest of the dog is APBT. My sister in law has a female and she is the...
  8. D

    Reactive dog owner in Middle TN

    Have you ever thought about a Dogo Argentino?
  9. D

    Soon to be APBT Owner

    I have read all your posts in this thread and I have one thing to say; you deserve to get ripped off for $500 because you won't listen to these very knowledgeable people when they give you advice they know will help you. Just do us all a favor will you? Don't come back here raving about that...
  10. D

    You're asking what?????

    Do you know his name? If not, ask him. Ask him if he has any pit bulls now. If you think he's engaging in dog fighting, call the police.
  11. D

    Ear muffs for dogs

    Does your dog react badly to noises like thunder, machinery etc? Here's a product that can help; Mutt Muffs Pet Project
  12. D

    Animal Planet Investigates "Gang Dogs" ...

    They're dead. :lol:
  13. D

    Recon snapped...

    Well said. All I have to say to my dogs is "leave it!" and they drop whatever they have. No arguments from them because I reinforce all my commands every day.
  14. D

    People who need a good smack in the mouth

    A dog doesn't have to be a "gamedog" to be DA. My BoBo lived with a female mutt for 10 years in peace without incident then all of a sudden one day he attacked her. ---------- Post added at 11:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:54 PM ---------- I was a "bong hippie" for many years. LSD...
  15. D

    RI: Positive Pit Bull press in the local news

    Thank you RelicBizar for your contribution to this site. We love to see pit bulls in service to Mankind. :sonn_u11:
  16. D

    Top 10 Best places to live in the USA for Pit bull Owners?

    Same in Tx. no BSL. Lots of pit bulls here in Arlington. I see many of them in our dog park.
  17. D

    Arkansas Kennel

    ...they mainly want a sound, healthy dog for agility and such... menzie For agility they need a REAL pit bull not those squatty little frogdogs that trip over their own feet.
  18. D

    Arkansas Kennel

    I call false advertising on those guys. If those are pit bulls I'm Barack Obama.
  19. D

    If it's not pitbull.. what's your chosen breed?

    Kangal-no prey drive, awesome guard dog and BIG.