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Search results

  1. Jenn1988

    Puppy growth

    I have some but I havent had the time to upload them on my computer. I would do it now...but im at work and I dont think my boss would like that haha..but as soon as I do it I will put them up.
  2. Jenn1988

    Puppy growth

    At about how old does a puppy stop growing at? Just curious to know how big Bentley will get since I'm not very familiar with his breed ( chihuahua X Pitbull ).
  3. Jenn1988

    Collar vs. Harness

    THANKS MONKEYS!! Very Interesting article it seems like I have been doing loose leash walking and i didnt even know it....crazy. But I will start using a clicker with it too and bring treats with me as well. :thankUsmiley:
  4. Jenn1988

    Collar vs. Harness

    Hes had his first set of shots and is getting the second this thursday. The vet said it was ok to walk him.
  5. Jenn1988

    Collar vs. Harness

    oh ok I get it yeah that would be a good thing to teach him. Thank you for your help :)
  6. Jenn1988

    Collar vs. Harness

    Im not sure that i know what loose leash walking is...?
  7. Jenn1988

    Collar vs. Harness

    ok thanks for the replies. I just feel like im choking him with the collar but i guess he will learn :)
  8. Jenn1988

    Collar vs. Harness

    Im just starting to walk my little Bentley and was wondering which is better a collar or a harness. Right now I am using a collar but I feel like I am tugging on his neck too much with that :( and comments or opinions are welcome. Peace & Love, Jenn
  9. Jenn1988


    I know I dont really see it either...but thats what they told us when we got him. Who knows tho...oh well all that matters is that I love him <3
  10. Jenn1988


    Hello, I just got a 10 week old half pitbul half chihuahua mix doggy and was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this mix before or owns one as well. If so please post pictures I'm sooo curious as to how my little guy will turn out
  11. Jenn1988

    Quincy--is there some pit in him?

    OMG he is the cutest little chocolate puppy ever!! And i do see a little bit of pit in him..possibly a Pit-Lab mix??
  12. Jenn1988

    What is my Pit mixed with ?

    cute name for a cute puppy :) Have fun with her!
  13. Jenn1988

    What color would you call her?

    If I'm not mistaken I think that color would be considered a "brindle." Please correct me if I'm wrong...
  14. Jenn1988

    Hi I have a pithuahua as well. How big has yours gotten. Mine is still a pup (10 weeks) and...

    Hi I have a pithuahua as well. How big has yours gotten. Mine is still a pup (10 weeks) and about 8 lbs but iam soo curious as to how big he will actually get.
  15. Jenn1988

    Hi i have a pithuahua as well. Was wondering how big yours got? Mine is about 8 lbs and he 10...

    Hi i have a pithuahua as well. Was wondering how big yours got? Mine is about 8 lbs and he 10 weeks right now.
  16. Jenn1988

    Chi pit

    thanks! You too ;)
  17. Jenn1988

    Chi pit

    thanx JokerGirl ;) I dont see much Chihuahua in him either...which im kinda thankful for lol. As for weight, I havently properly weighed him yet but he seems to be about 8 lbs maybe. He's a solid dude tho!
  18. Jenn1988

    Chi pit

    Hows this??
  19. Jenn1988

    Chi pit

    yes exactly! And TannerG there is a pic of him in my avatar..he is still a pup tho about 10 weeks now.
  20. Jenn1988

    Chi pit

    thanks :)