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  1. aprotopo

    HI everyone new the forum and had a little question

    How wonderful, good luck!
  2. aprotopo

    HI everyone new the forum and had a little question

    If you're interested in feeding "prey model raw", the assumption is that dogs are carnivores and should be treated as such. Therefore, don't feed veggies or dairy. The idea is to feed about 80% muscle meat (hearts, gizzards, boneless cuts, etc), 10% bone (drumsticks, necks, backs, ribs, etc)...
  3. aprotopo

    HI everyone new the forum and had a little question

    Sonya had bad breath until we started raw (past chicken though, she still reeks on chicken) :) If you go raw, go all the way in. Don't feed part kibble part raw. You won't regret it! Tell us if you want more information about it and we can help you get started :) Even if you don't feed raw...
  4. aprotopo

    Original Head Type - Proper debate placement

    Thanks for calling my dog shit... I know that's probably not what you meant, but come on. There's more to a dog than being able to run for many miles in the heat... I think everyone on here is agreeing that no one likes very extreme heads. I also find these debates very useless and tiring. I...
  5. aprotopo

    If you want a nice lookin' BT pup.. Get it from Mexico :D

    My "old school" bull terrier can't run half a mile. I gave her heat exhaustion by slowly walking her for twenty minutes. Shape of the head and leanness of the dog does not predict better endurance. This is my "old-style" bull terrier, she's beautiful just the way she is, lazy and slightly on the...
  6. aprotopo

    The boredom disease

    Haha, I'd love to watch that video! Did it get recorded? I would be nervous with knuckle bones. They are too hard (as are all weight baring bones). Try raw beef rib bones.
  7. aprotopo

    Just a few pictures

    Great photos, thanks for sharing! He's growing up so fast! Also, it seems like the foster girl is feeling better! She seems really happy with you!
  8. aprotopo

    The boredom disease

    Wow! He's sooo cute though! Can't be angry at that face... Get a crate for him (or doggie daycare, etc) for when you leave. I like nylabones. You could also try raw beef bones (don't cook them). By the way, I kind of like your floor better without the fake tile... He was just remodeling for...
  9. aprotopo

    Advice please

    I forgot to say, if you want to try PMR, here's a good forum about raw feeding that would be of big help to you: Raw Feeding Also, reading from your other responses on the other threads, by "bulk" do you mean muscle mass? If so, I think you should let your dog get accustomed to living with you...
  10. aprotopo

    Advice please

    If you're mixing up kibble and raw in a day, you could be causing your dog to vomit. Especially if he's new to both foods (the type of kibble and raw). I would feed one food until he stop vomiting and gets used to living with you. After he is stable, you can play around with foods. He looks...
  11. aprotopo

    Advice please

    Congratulations and thank you for adopting! I'm so happy that he is already looking better in your care! My dog doesn't shed very much at all (compared to "normal" dog breeds). I feed raw (same as Charity). I think your diet is much better than most dogs get. Be careful about feeding kibble...
  12. aprotopo

    Kenandai Sin Against Nature Chimera

    Like, I said, sooo cute!! Thanks for sharing! :)
  13. aprotopo

    Resting bulls

    So peaceful! Congratulations! It will only get better from here, I am sure! They're so beautiful, can't get enough of them :)
  14. aprotopo

    Hello again

    I don't think that that was her name... Maybe I met someone else.. I still have about 3 years left until I graduate, but my qualifying exam is in a month, which means that if I fail, I just have a month left! :eek:
  15. aprotopo

    Hello again

    Who's your behaviorist at the University of Georgia? I just met some veterinary behaviorists at a conference and I think one of them said she was from there!
  16. aprotopo

    Hello again

    Aww they're so beautiful! I almost forgot! Glad to have you back!
  17. aprotopo

    Hello again

    So glad to hear about Carlos and Stella! I've kept relatively active, but I feel like the forum is not the same anymore :( We should get more bull terrier owners back here! Post some pictures!
  18. aprotopo

    Pics of my New dog

    Such expressive eyes! Beautiful dog!
  19. aprotopo

    Couple pictures of Maximus

    So beautiful! More please!
  20. aprotopo

    Neener Neener!

    Very cute!