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  1. Romulus

    guys i am new to this site need some help

    Sorry I'm posting on an I phone. What I meant to say was, it won't be long before your picking up the pieces of your other dog if it tries to dominate the bullie. I'm having domination issues with my foxie ATM. My bullie put up with it for a while, but not any more. I can't leave them alone at...
  2. Romulus

    guys i am new to this site need some help

    Yup, won't be long tip your
  3. Romulus

    Dog, or... mountain goat?

    I think I mentioned before about the state of the very back part of my yard was left in by previous owners, and how I have been trying in vain to stop Rom from getting into it. Well I had patched up EVER single possible entry to it, and though the worry of Rom getting a sore belly from the...
  4. Romulus

    What do you think ???

    Wow, it looks FANTASTIC!
  5. Romulus

    Has it begun?

    Yeah, im being tough on him. As soon as his food is down, and i give him the command to eat, he will go straight for Bundy, no matter where he is. I have bundy locked on the back porch, far away from Rom, and he will still charge over to him. I pin Rom on his back, be very firm with him , but as...
  6. Romulus

    Has it begun?

    Lately Rom has been VERY aggressive with his food towards my 15 year old foxie. I know Bullies can be intolerant towards other dogs, but hes only 20 weeks old. Its pretty scary, he doesn't just growl at him, he grabs him by the throat and pins him! I'm afraid its only a matter of time before...
  7. Romulus

    Rash on Roms belly

    The real problem with Roms rash was that he scratched to much and gave him self an infection. I think Roms is a grass allergy, bullies are known to have skin issues :( Its sooo much better now though.
  8. Romulus

    Before & After

    LOL at the bad puppy vid
  9. Romulus

    Puppy preschool graduation

    class photo
  10. Romulus

    Puppy preschool graduation

    Today Rom graduated preschool! He had a blast over the 5 weeks. He can sometimes play to rough with the other dogs, but he wasnt aggressive. He was most definately the class clown to begin with. No one thought he would pass. With some training, he become the star pupil! I took some...
  11. Romulus

    Happy Birthday Lilly and Willow

    Happy birthday!
  12. Romulus

    Koda at 5 weeks xxxx

    how beautiful!
  13. Romulus

    Meet our Bella Luna

    She is beautiful. She looks just like my boy.
  14. Romulus

    Names for Daphnee's pup

    Ever second female dog on this forum is called Bella. I hope they pick something more unique.
  15. Romulus

    Names for Daphnee's pup

  16. Romulus

    "imperfecting" the art of the nap

    "imperfecting" the art of the nap Dexter gets a comfy bed, poor Rom sleeps in a Drawer! :lol:
  17. Romulus

    My girls

    good looken girls.
  18. Romulus

    Daphnee's Puppy

    shes beautiful!
  19. Romulus

    Rash on Roms belly

    also, hes put on 4.8kgs ( 10.5lbs ) in 4 weeks. what a little fatty haha
  20. Romulus

    Rash on Roms belly

    Well, the vet thinks its a contact reaction, because of its possition. But where he can get his back legs to scratch it, its cause an infection. So hes on some antibiotics for it. The rash its self is looking much better since I have kept him out of the grass. So my boy is on the mend :)