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  1. J

    How to train a pittie not to play too rough

    This is a thread about suggesting methods about training to effectively take dogs to the dog park... You really should stop taking over someone else's thread, and create your own thread for debating dog parks... or join a different thread to debate dog parks their are plenty of threads out their...
  2. J

    How to train a pittie not to play too rough

    You sure do jump to conclusions, and put words in other people's mouths... I bet your just as pleasant in person. ... I don't feel your question is relevant to dog parks... You asked, ....and I answered......Moving on.... I never said "It's all in how they are raised".... I don't feel that way...
  3. J

    How to train a pittie not to play too rough

    I personally feel it's not about the dog having friends. . I personally feel without proper socialization and training and experience in these ares , that's what makes for a dangerous situations.... You obviously, can't express your opinion without being demeaning towards others. .. (To quote...
  4. J

    How to train a pittie not to play too rough

    I'm not ignoring your question. . I'm trying to find the relevance in it from your point of view. ... I must admit ...I just can't find any.... Your going to believe dogs shouldn't be at dog parks, and I'm going to believe it should depend on temperament and knowing that there is always a risk...
  5. J

    How to train a pittie not to play too rough

    To even suggest that the dog should be re-homed... all because they wanted to go play and socialize at the dog park.. is not only very extreme, and hurtful ....but to comment she doesn't have enough common sense to take care of the dog.. is extremely demeaning. ...
  6. J

    How to train a pittie not to play too rough

    ***Also**** At my local doggie daycare... they have a few pitbulls that go everyday, and do very well, and have had no problems. .... I personally don't take my dog to doggie daycare, but we use the huge doggie pool at the daycare and we have a great time with and without the other dogs.......
  7. J

    How to train a pittie not to play too rough

    Try not to take what others say personally. .. Apparently if you don't agree with them, they are unable to provide any consecutive advice. . Secretly I wonder, if some aggressive dogs, just don't mimic their aggressive owners ... and all we can do is be thankful, they don't go to dog parks...
  8. J

    Antibiotic pros and cons? Help!

    Some antibiotics such as Cipro contain quinolone, an active ingredient used to prevent the replication of bacteria. The ingestion of dairy may decrease the absorption of an antibiotic. This means that eating dairy could make the use of some antibiotics ineffective. Consult with your veterinarian...
  9. J

    How to train a pittie not to play too rough

    I can remember when the Doberman was a vicious dog and should be banned,....ie, dog parks, homes, ect, ect.... Then I remember it was the Rottweilers, should be banned. . IE... dog parks, homes, ect.... Then I remember the German Shepherd, should be banned. . IE dog parks, homes, ect... and...
  10. J

    Our American Bully Dock Diving

    I've been thinking about this for my boy... just as something fun to do...he's super fast. .. and it's hard to keep him out of the water. ...however being in Florida ... we're constantly doing something in or around water...
  11. J

    BB food

    BB... gave my dog loose stools. .. I prefer Pure Balance from Walmart. .. it's rated 4 stars and my boy loves it... also he just looks healthier and his coat looks shiny now. ...
  12. J


    My 80 lb boy eats Pure Balance from Walmart. .. it's rated 4 stars and he loves it.... he was on Science Diet when I first brought him home and his coat wasn't as shiny and he didn't look as healthy as he does now on the Pure Balance. ...
  13. J

    kibble trouble .... does it ever end ;) RANT

    My boy did have some skin problems after I first brought him home.. he was originally on Science Diet. .. after one injection from the vet.. and switching him to Purchase Balance from Walmart. . My doggie skin and allergies are gone....
  14. J

    What do you feed your dog?

    Pure Balance from Walmart. .. 4 stars....
  15. J

    Pit bull and pug?

    I have a 3 year old... 80 lb gentle giant. ... every dog has an individual temperament. ....
  16. J

    A Question

    My 80 lb boy eats.. Pure Balance from Walmart. .. he loves it.... it wasn't availability or price for me... It's actually rated with 4 stars.. and only $30.00 for a 30 lb bag... Also as a nice treat. . Try the Pure Balance canned beef and vegetables. .. only $1.00 for a 12 Oz can.. and my big...
  17. J

    Kong Treats

    I use peanut butter for my 80 lbs boy... He loves it.... I don't freeze it however. ... I also was told plain yogurt was good for him... but I haven't tried it yet.....
  18. J

    Help needed with pitbull id

    Walmart has a doggie DNA test... Cost $69.99 ...... The Wisdom Panel 2.0 can help reveal your dog's genetic background. It includes insights to help you provide a better training program, understand behavior and create an appropriate care and wellness plan. The Wisdom Panel DNA test can be used...
  19. J

    Oklahoma ACO Lies to Owner about Fate of Missing Dog

    I am involved with several animal organizations here in Florida and have shared your story, we will all be following your story and hope for updates. This is completely unacceptable, I hope you and your family get justice for your pet. I would definitely press the issue for criminal charges...
  20. J

    Hi everyone

    They are just too cute.... especially together. .. great picture....