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    Supplementing Kibble with Raw

    Thank you! I have yet to give her any eggs... I have given her some raw chicken livers - usually only one liver at a time cut into pieces as a treat though. She loves it! I'm still searching for some make-ahead recipes that I can freeze and thaw for occasional small portions.
  2. L

    Supplementing Kibble with Raw

    PS... another question is if there would be any benefits from adding one raw egg per day to one of her meals?
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    Supplementing Kibble with Raw

    Hi all, So I've been browsing through a ton of threads regarding raw vs. kibble - my what a debate! I can't do a 100% raw diet due to practical considerations, but I'd really like to supplement my pup's diet at least once per week with a raw meal. I've read here you're not really supposed to...
  4. L

    What kind of dog food do you use?

    I switched from Canidae ALS to Wellness Core and though it hasn't been long, I can tell a difference. She's much less gassy, and her stool is solid and less stinky than on the previous food. I agree with those that promote a grain-free diet. I like the premise of feeding raw but... honestly...
  5. L

    Be serious (Post your pictures)

    My baby girl that we lost last summer, shortly before she passed... we had a great 15 years together! (Why is my picture so much smaller than everyone else's?)
  6. L

    Pit Bull Ear taping question

    Why do you crop their ears? I know with some it's a breed standard (dobies, for example) but if I'm not mistaken, either way is acceptable with pits. So... why do it? I'm genuinely curious, not trying to start a debate about the pros and cons of cropping. BTW that is a handsome boy.
  7. L

    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

    I say Ah-LAP-ah-ha. I really wish they would just call it the Alapaha Bulldog and leave out the "blue blood" because dang that's a mouthful! OK well... I sort of figured this forum might be a long shot to find any good information or objective opinions. Will keep checking back but otherwise I...
  8. L

    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

    No... not at all. In fact in all of the reading I've done (and it's a LOT) I haven't run across that particular claim. If anything, the APBT has played a small part in the creation of THIS breed. I guess I'm more interested in finding out more about the practices of ABBA and its members vs...
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    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

    Hi folks, new ABBB owner here. Saw this thread and rather than create a new one, thought I'd bump it up. So I have a new puppy, as I mentioned, and the more I research about this breed the more confused I become. There is a LOT of trash talking between the various registries and some...
  10. L

    catahoula bulldogs

    They look like cool dogs - I just found out about them myself when researching the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs. Apparently there is some close relation with the types of dogs used in both breeds. (To be clear though they are different from Catahoula Leopard Dogs) Really hard to find though!
  11. L

    Catch dogs

    I'm a new owner of an ABBB and supposedly (yeah... history is a little fuddled with these) they are/were bred specifically for catching hogs. It's not something I have any experience with though, so I'm honestly not sure what exactly is involved... I had no idea there were so many people out...
  12. L


    My old pit was a really sweet girl, but she DID become protective over me in a group environment. I called it her "coffee table syndrome". Basically she didn't like when people got in the zone between us and would automatically sit in front of me when strangers approached. Once we introduced...
  13. L

    Hi folks! Obsessive new puppy owner here! :)

    Her name is Gigi. She will be 15 weeks old this week and she's already about 23 lbs. We took her on her first camping trip over the weekend where she met lots of our friends' dogs and she was so well behaved and loved playing with all of them. I'm really excited to see her grow up! She...
  14. L

    Hi folks! Obsessive new puppy owner here! :)

    Hi, I'm Wynne from GA. I have a very soft spot for the bully breeds, and I just love that bulldog swagger! I had a pit for over 15 years, and she was an amazing companion. After a great, long life together, she passed on in the summer of 2013. At long last, we were finally ready to bring...