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  1. tracie2114

    Boogie Nights Augustus

    OMG he is so cute ... Even though I haven't been on in a year... I talk about your dogs all the time Boogie.... They are all amazing :-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk -
  2. tracie2114

    Dozer, 15 weeks today :-)

    Thanks... He is awesome... I posted pics of them both up in the introduction since I have been gone for a year ... He (Nitro) passed his CGC and now does agility and search and rescue :-) how are your dogs doing?
  3. tracie2114

    Hey everyone :-)

    Hey Everyone, I haven't posted for over a year so just wanted to say Hi... Life got busy.. my husband deployed to Afghanistan so to keep busy I started fostering for a rescue and then I never had time for anything. I used to post about Nitro, pit bull/shar pei mix that I rescued (he is my avatar...
  4. tracie2114

    American Bulldog Pictures

    This is Dozer. He is turned 15 weeks old today. I foster for a rescue and we received a call from a BYB that their 9 year old AB died while giving birth so they asked if we would be willing to take the litter and bottle feed them. I always wanted an american bulldog so I chose him at 1 day old...
  5. tracie2114

    Dozer, 15 weeks today :-)

  6. tracie2114

    Raw Bargains :)

    Raw Bargins :) So a guy answered my CL ad... He has a farm and slaughters two cows a year so he needed to clean out his freezers from last years kill.. He told me I can have it for free if I take it all. I filled up my entire trunk and two coolers in the back seat. I got mostly beef (vacuum...
  7. tracie2114

    Some heartbreaking news today :'(

    So sorry for your loss :( .... Unfortunately I see this on a daily basis and is one of the many thing I examine on my job... After you pass the placenta it will be sent to pathology to be inspected and looked at under the microscope and most likely sent for genetic testing... My job: I am the...
  8. tracie2114

    I am probably ganna get bashed but I have to tell ya all

    Where do you live? I volunteer with an organization and we neuter pits for free... Last month I think we did 23... We have a couple things going on this weekend with them and I will ask... They may also be able to help rehome him for you
  9. tracie2114

    Getting to know you.. *game*

    Capris Meat or veggies
  10. tracie2114

    Getting to know you.. *game*

    Camera Dressy or casual
  11. tracie2114

    How many feed fish?

    Ok I think that's what I did wrong lol
  12. tracie2114

    Getting to know you.. *game*

    Black Duke or Carolina
  13. tracie2114

    Getting to know you.. *game*

    Team Edward!! ;) Rock or country
  14. tracie2114

    Getting to know you.. *game*

    Lol fine Movie theatre or drive in
  15. tracie2114

    Getting to know you.. *game*

    Hey never too old for some Team Edward hehe
  16. tracie2114

    Getting to know you.. *game*

    Indiana jones Team Jacob or Team Edward
  17. tracie2114

    Getting to know you.. *game*

    BBQ Boxers or briefs
  18. tracie2114

    Getting to know you.. *game*

    Goldfish Manual or automatic
  19. tracie2114

    Getting to know you.. *game*

    Mountain Exercise or couch potato