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Search results

  1. djbenz

    Home insurance

    My advice would be to just call around for quotes.
  2. djbenz

    One Click Captures

    Sometimes she isn't sure if she wants to sit on the couch, or on the floor.
  3. djbenz

    Looking for a bay pen

    Hi. I have a young dog (8month old AB) and I want to get into hog hunting, but I don't have any connections yet. I'm looking for someone with a bay pen, or avid hog hunter that would be willing to let me see what my dog will do. Preferably somewhere not too far from Memphis.
  4. djbenz

    My pit bull/ Am Bulldog mix

    Nice looking pup!
  5. djbenz

    WEBxAlapaha Mix

    Those pics range from 3mo-7mo. She is almost 8 months now. WEB is Working White English Bulldog. She comes straight out of Jeff Clark lines on the Dam side. And Lana Lou Lane lines on the Sire side.
  6. djbenz

    WEBxAlapaha Mix

    Thanks! My sentiments exactly.
  7. djbenz

    Pup Contract Sale "No-No's"

    I think it is both. If a person gets a solid dog, and then mistreats it, the temperment of the dog means little. It protects the breeder from someone ruining a pup, then asking for a refund/new pup. If you do even a small amount of research, talk to the breeder, and check out their yard, then...
  8. djbenz

    WEBxAlapaha Mix

    Not much going on in the American bulldog section, so I thought I would post a few pics of my WEB/Alapaha pup.
  9. djbenz

    Pup Contract Sale "No-No's"

    I dont really have a problem with the "temperment" clause. It opens the door for all sorts of stuff; ie. my dog doesn't have enought/has too much prey drive for me. The spay/neuter would bother me though, and I would not agree to it.
  10. djbenz

    Puppy to adult pictures? :)

    Here is my American bulldog, Patches. 5 weeks 4 Months Just shy of 7 months playing at the park