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  1. crazybully

    July 2012 Male Winner!

    Woot! congrats Kady! :D <3 me some Sako!
  2. crazybully

    first heat

  3. crazybully

    first heat

    some dogs it's slower, it's individual really, often times it's got a lot to do with diet as well, I know a few people that haven't had heats with theirs till around 14-16 mos raw fed. and their kibble fed counterparts are going into their first heat at 10-12mos.
  4. crazybully

    Please help...

    Sounds like a Diet problem, many dogs suffer from foods that aren't biologically appropriate, and most will clear up on a proper diet, have you checked out any Grain free lines of quality foods such as Fromm, Wellness Core, Evo, Orijen? High quality foods, with great quality ingredients, and...
  5. crazybully

    DANG IT YACHIRU JUST ATE 3 or 4 Chocolate Chip Cookies. >:(

    Glad she's doing better, i can imagine she had a belly ache.
  6. crazybully

    DANG IT YACHIRU JUST ATE 3 or 4 Chocolate Chip Cookies. >:(

    So imagine how much chocolate it would take to poison a 50-60 lb dog. Generally it takes a LARGE amount chocolate to even cause much of a problem as Cliff said, i'm sure he'll be fine if anything i'd be worried about an allergic reaction to all the other ingredients aside from the chips :lol:
  7. crazybully

    NEED HELP GUYS broken nails....

    I've had Tobi's nails down the root on a few nails before as he gets crazy and breaks them off... usually without showing any signs of pain or anything, i put some neosporin on it, and keep it clean for a few days, and hope that he doesn't damage it more, usually we have bloody prints on the...
  8. crazybully

    What does your BT weigh?

    Ever since the first time i saw Brando on IBT forum i was in love! he just keeps getting better! :lol:
  9. crazybully

    Help me find a Bully!

    When you say you "think" you are ready for a Bully, usually that means you aren't.. I can't tell you how many BT owners i've spoken to as they are releasing their dog to a rescue and they say, we "thought" we were ready for it, but it's just too much to handle. Be absolutely sure, that A. you...
  10. crazybully

    Scalibor Collars

    We feed 100% raw, he had them before he was changed over completely at around 5 months, and we haven't seen one since, he hasn't had flea medication in over a year. Many raw feeders see a dramatic change in them, most only administer something if they have an infestation... and they become quite...
  11. crazybully

    Scalibor Collars

    DE depending on the type people get can be fatal if inhaled. Food grade is the only type that should be used, and you should still use a mask when using it. you should also mask your pet if you are going to rub small amounts in their coat. DE has microscopic razor sharp edges that slice fleas...
  12. crazybully

    Scalibor Collars

    Yikes that scary, as sensitive as BT's skin can be i'd not be using any type of topical, but i'd never thought a flea collar would cause such damage, thanks for that Joe. Comfortis we used for a while Monroe, and it worked well. killed the fleas quickly, and spinosad has very few reactions in...
  13. crazybully

    Scalibor Collars

    Never used, or heard of them...we don't use a preventive here... suppose were lucky or the diet he's on really helps prevent.
  14. crazybully

    How much damage has your BT puppy caused :)

    I'm glad i keep mine crazy tired all the time, and under a close watch... i wouldn't be proud of my dog tearing all my shit up, when it was my fault it happened.
  15. crazybully

    Finding a Professional and Reputable Bull Terrier Breeder

    I could honestly give a shit less what "some" breeders do... the bigger problem, is over breeding of dogs, not what they are claiming for fuck sake. the comment i made was in reference to people being corrupt, as if our government is a wee virgin ripe for the picking... please.
  16. crazybully

    Finding a Professional and Reputable Bull Terrier Breeder

    I lol'd when i read "corrupt people stealing from uncle sam" that's all...
  17. crazybully

    Finding a Professional and Reputable Bull Terrier Breeder

    I understand your stance, and it's fantastic what you're doing helping to re-home dogs that are in need of it, the biggest problem... that i see in our area down here, is the idiots that get these dogs simply because they are neat looking, or funny, or they are like the dog on Friday, the list...
  18. crazybully

    Finding a Professional and Reputable Bull Terrier Breeder

    Tom I truly love your stance on breeding atm... It amazes me how many people are still breeding dogs in these times, there is truly an overabundance of dogs in shelters, and Bullies at that, i work with one BT down here, and it's unreal how many are coming in from the streets, shelters, drop...
  19. crazybully

    Spontaneous back leg lameness?

    If it were me i'd guess at luxating patella. I've seen a few dogs with this issue, and often times when things slip they don't cry out, they just walk without it as much as possible. I hope that it's not the problem, and that maybe she is just cramping a bit... but even so I know a woman that...
  20. crazybully

    Merry Christmas....I swear, this is Dexter!

    :lol: nothing like having ot make special Xmas arrangements because of your crazy dog eh?! I thought it would be funny to let him beat it up a little... I almost got one even without her... "permission" just so he'd have some fun! I can imagine him trying to drag it around like a big stick!:cool: