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    Yet another "recommend a breed"

    Thanks Ksgrim. She does get a lot of attention for her looks and her super lean/strong body...lol Hey, I know what you're going through with having to be carefull with your babies, my previous dog was a male Pit/Chow mix. The positive side is that he made me discover many remote trails that we...
  2. C

    Yet another "recommend a breed"

    Nice running!!
  3. C

    Yet another "recommend a breed"

    Ksgrim - The pics were taken at Runyon Canyon, we go there three times a week. She is soooo dog and people friendly I have no worries at all at Runyon. we also hike Griffith one or twice a month. The big 10 + hours hikes we do however are in National Forest Angeles Crest. I love the secluded...
  4. C

    Yet another "recommend a breed"

    P.S. I forgot to mention that I am from LA too, and because I hike a lot I needed a freindly dog. I guess I got lucky with her.
  5. C

    Yet another "recommend a breed"

    My girl love all dogs! She runs like a Greyhound, jumps like a Mountain Lion, bites like Pit and is the sweetest thing to people. She is 65lbs, 23 inches at the shoulder. I do crazy challenging hikes with her, and she is the ultimate hiking machine. She WILL go after wild life though, it's in...
  6. C

    Does Anyone Has The following AB Cross???

    A hunter for sure...lol Thanks, yes she's got the look and personality that goes with that "I am pretty so leave me alone" type of thing.:no2::lol:
  7. C

    Best conditioned dogs? :)

    All dogs shown look great! Here is my AB mix, we hike 3-4 times a week, she runs and plays with dogs 2-3 times a week, she runs after squirrles and other animals all the time, we walk on the leach 2 hours a day, and she is a great diet. 2 years old 23 inches at the shoulder, 65lbs, she is the...
  8. C

    Does Anyone Has The following AB Cross???

    My girl is 50%AB and 25% Catahoula, 25% Black Mouth Cur. Does anyone on this board has the same or similar cross? If so, how is the temoperament of your dog and what does he/she look like? Thanks. Bellow are a few pics of my 2 year old girl.
  9. C

    catahoula bulldogs

    This is the best breed mix for my needs! She has zero dog aggression, which makes it easier on both of us. Whe I take her to the dog beach, so far there hasn't been many dogs that can keep up with her speed, even the best of APBT... sorry :smirk:
  10. C

    catahoula bulldogs

    Thanks, she does get a lot of attention for sure.
  11. C

    catahoula bulldogs

    This my girl, she is 25% Catahoula, 25% Black Mouth Cur, 50% American Bulldog Scott line. She runs like a hound, jumps and moves like a Malinois, bites like a Pit, swimms like a Lab. The ultimate outdoor machine at 23 inches at the shoulder, 65lbs.
  12. C

    Just Turned 2 years...

    ... but still acts like she is 6 months old:lol:
  13. C

    Is your dog a Pit?

    ... I get asked that question often when I take my dog to the park. many do not believe me when I say she is not a Pit, interesting because she really isn't! She has zero Pit blood, and yet people are still worried evnthough she is no threat.
  14. C

    What is he?

    Very nice, and believe me you'll be glad if he ends up with a longer muzzle!
  15. C

    My 50% American Bulldog...LOL

    Thanks ...that other 50% is combined of 2 breeds. 25% Catahoula, 25% Black Mouth Cur.
  16. C

    My 50% American Bulldog...LOL

    Thank you. I am trying to keep her athletic as can be, and it's good for me too...lol
  17. C

    My 50% American Bulldog...LOL

    Thank you. Can you tell she is spoiled beyong reason???...;)
  18. C

    My 50% American Bulldog...LOL

    Some of you may have seen these pics already, but I thought I post them again in the American Bulldog since she is after all 50% AB...lol at 8 weeks old at 4 months old at 8 months old anywhere from 9 months old to present at 14 months... sorry if i posted...
  19. C

    Bully the Bulldog

    Look great!!!
  20. C

    This is my girl...

    Thanks. Her name is Laika. You're right, she does look like Mollie a little...:D Many don't know what breed Laika is when they see her, but here is what people think most of the time. Pit/Boxer, or Ridgeback/Pit, or any of the above pure breed. Either way, I love this little girl. I am guessing...