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Search results

  1. indelibledotink

    finding pit bull friendly living?

    no, you cannot legally be denied housing on account of your emotional support animal. the property owner could disqualify you for other "supposed" reasons, however, illegal under the spirit of the law. and an esa wouldn't have to be a dog, it could be a cat, hamster, whatever. of course, the...
  2. indelibledotink

    Bully Max vs Good Genetics

    thnx for that!
  3. indelibledotink

    Weird question

    i strongly disagree about the shedding part, but yeah, mei doesn't have much of an odor for a long time after a bath. when she does have a discernible scent, she smells like mild hay.
  4. indelibledotink

    Best puppy dog eyes

    click for larger pic!
  5. indelibledotink

    what exercise is good for my Pitbull?

    flirt pole, running on sand, hiking. maybe swimming, dunno personally, mei doesn't swim. plus vitamins, glucosamine sulfate, and protein after a workout.
  6. indelibledotink

    My newest Addition!

  7. indelibledotink

    finding pit bull friendly living?

    yes, service dogs and emotional support animals are different (mei is a service dog). i wasn't suggesting they were the same. and i didn't specifically say so, but when i said 'prescribe,' i was assuming that to get the prescription, she would have to have a valid reason for it. most docs...
  8. indelibledotink


    that first dog looks ok, not my ideal, but 'normal.' second dog is a freak.
  9. indelibledotink

    Time to Quit

  10. indelibledotink

    Should the Federal ban on Burmese Pythons be overturned??

    hawaii is mostly snake-free, and the odd python or constrictor shows up now and then from illegal collections, once even deposited in an amnesty bin from an incoming flight. we do have the hawaiian blind snake and there's a campaign to stop brown tree snakes from guam starting a population...
  11. indelibledotink

    Mason Dropped In To Check On Sugar Too

    mei had a tumor removed last week thursday (12/19/13). large fatty cyst the size of two grapes on the right side of her jaw. vet has been watching it for over a year and had drawn a sample as soon as we noticed the swelling. no instance of malignancy. i had wanted to do a full dental...
  12. indelibledotink

    Stress Relief Pills?

    thundershirt is a pressure wrap for dogs. many times autistic kids are given a stretchy body sock that provides soothing pressure, have you expolored that option with yoru daughter? if not, you might want to bring it up with her treatment team. it was calming (mildly) on a kid i worked with...
  13. indelibledotink

    finding pit bull friendly living?

    if you get a medical doc or a psychologist to 'prescribe' you your dog (or any other type of reasonable pet) specifically for emotional support, under the law a rental will have to accept your girl (as long as she is 100% behaved... that means no barking, messes, etc. at all). no extra deposit...
  14. indelibledotink

    No Stinkin' Rules For A Dirty Boy

    joe, my name's mike. we talked a bit before, and i found your near death experience post uplifting. how old is sugar, and is he/she a he or she?
  15. indelibledotink

    ALL ABOUT EARS. Tall ears, silly ears, perfect ears, cropped ears, inside-out ears

    here are mei's. i saw her on the pawprints website and the one ear up and one ear down was adorable.
  16. indelibledotink

    No Stinkin' Rules For A Dirty Boy

    you should do agility or dock jumps with mason. how old is he?
  17. indelibledotink

    Elyza Blue

    nicely toned and beautiful. i'm not a fan of crops, but hers is just right.