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  1. J

    Ear thermometer efficacy

    Hi everyone! Has anyone used an ear thermometer on your dog/cat? If so, do you find it effective and accurate? Are any of you who are vets/vet assistants using this at your clinics? I'm interested in purchasing one, but only if it has been found effective and accurate. Thanks!:sonn_u11:
  2. J

    HGE - Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis

    He is feeling much better already! He's getting back to being the pain in the butt I've come to love. :-D Thanks for the well wishes!!! He received Metronidazle (flagyl), Spasmolin, and Sucralfate (Carafate). I don't recall the name of the injection...it's on my receipt.
  3. J

    HGE - Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis

    Hello Everone!! I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of HGE - Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis and the immediate care required for a dog exhibiting signs/symptoms of HGE. My big boy, Tyson, (Bull Boxer-half pit/half boxer) was just diagnosed with this disorder this morning. Signs/Symptoms...
  4. J

    Is it normal for my 2 year old female pit to have a small chest and be barely 40lbs?

    My girl weighs 50, so 40's not bad. :-) ---------- Post added at 02:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:54 PM ---------- My mixed breed ways 95 because he's not all pit. :-) ---------- Post added at 02:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:55 PM ---------- weighs not ways
  5. J

    Mixing Kibbles 50/50-Merrick brands

    I would never buy Merrick. Check out their recalls.
  6. J

    Breed specific laws.

    Breed specific laws.
  7. J

    Dental/oral rinse

    For now I've put a hold to administering the rinse. I was really noticing improvement in breath & pllaque so I'm a lil disappointed by my:no2: dogs' reactions to it. :-(
  8. J

    How would you handle this...BSL in Texas

    Thank you all for the informative posts. I am also in Texas & for years have worried about BSL making their way here. I would never allow someone's ignorance to be the reason my dogs leave my life. While saddening tragedies happen, one cannot blame a breed of dog for such events. I will be...
  9. J


    This is just the type of ignorance I am tired of. People who try to ban specific breeds from existence based on nonscientific & inaccurate data. Ugh. They need to educate themselves before they utter a word.
  10. J

    Do bitter sprays work to deter chewing?

    One of my dogs would lick it up...he was not deterred. :P
  11. J

    I have a F pitbull (4), a M bullboxer(4.5), & a F manx.

    Thank you coolhandjean!
  12. J

    Saw your mood...hope you feel better soon. :-)

    Saw your mood...hope you feel better soon. :-)
  13. J

    Satin Ball Recipe

    Sounds like this would definitely put weight on a dog very quickly!
  14. J

    Dental/oral rinse

    I've been using Virbac oral rinse for my dogs & cat. I bought it from my vet :confused:since my pets don't let me brush their teeth...at 1st it seemed fine. My big boy's stinky breath even smelled better. I was away for a week & had my Petsitter administering it to them. One or both dogs vomited...
  15. J

    Food Recalls-Updated: 3/19/2016

    Just checking -Vicki, are you receiving recall updates from FDA? I didn't see one regarding a slew of dog supplements which were recalled this summer in 2 separate recalls due to salmonella. You can sign up for these updates on FDA's website U S Food and Drug Administration Home Page
  16. J

    I have a F pitbull (4), a M bullboxer(4.5), & a F manx.

    I have a F pitbull (4), a M bullboxer(4.5), & a F manx. I have 2 dogs -a female pitbull who turned 4 in august & a male bullboxer who will turn 5 in April. I also have a female Manx who's age is unknown to me. I've had her for 7 years & suspect she's at least 12. I live in Texas so the...