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    She chipped her tooth! =(

    I picked up my pooch from daycare and noticed that her left canine tooth is chipped. It's not broken off.. it looks like a layer of the enamel was chipped off (like when you chip off nail polish). I only noticed it yesterday- and I'm not sure when it happened. It doesn't seem to bother her, but...
  2. M

    What kind of kibble does everybody feed their dogs???

    wellness- salmon, lamb and barley
  3. M

    Is dog insurance worth it?

    I kept thinking that I would get doggie insurance- but never got around to it. A few weeks ago, I took my dog to the vet because she had bumps on her body and inflammation between her toes. Well, turns out the vet suspects allergies. $300 worth of antibiotics, shampoos and ointments later and...
  4. M

    small bumps on back

    My dog has something similar. It started with a few bumps and now they're all over her back. The bumps are usually not red, but some of them become dry and scab over. They don't seem to bother my dog- she's not scratching or anything. Vet said it's most likely allergies (seasonal or possibly...
  5. M

    Durable, yet playful "balls"

    My dog loves her Indestructi-ball and the huck dog ball.
  6. M

    Bumps all over body and red/swollen between toes

    That's just what Mochi's bumps look like! Luckily they don't seem to be itchy for her so I'm starting with the diet change and wiping her down after she goes outside. Hopefully it'll clear up. Did you get the allergy testing done to find out your dog was allergic to grass?
  7. M

    Bumps all over body and red/swollen between toes

    During the day she's at doggie daycare- I'll check with them about any cleaning chemicals they're using and also about any ants or bugs in general. Other than that though, she's an inside dog. I'm going to start wiping her down with a ACV/water solution- sounds like a great idea and limiting...
  8. M

    Bumps all over body and red/swollen between toes

    I'm feeding her Wellness- Lamb, Barley and Salmon. I also give her snacks- watermelon, apple, peanut butter... along with her doggie biscuit here and there. I'm worried that it might be a food allergy, so for now I'm going to cut out all snacks except for her food. I'll definitely try the...
  9. M

    Bumps all over body and red/swollen between toes

    My 1y/o EBT recently started getting bumps all over her body. One bump on her chest that she can reach is now the size of a pencil eraser and looks like a red/swollen bubble- The rest of her torso is just covered in small bumps (not on her belly though)- some are dry and peeling scabs, and...
  10. M

    Standoffish BT?

    Oh, I feel like such a sucker!! I'll take a look at the NILIF post. Speaking of playing- any good games to play? I try to play fetch with her, but when she gets the ball, she just runs away to her bed to play by herself. I've had luck making her sit/stay and hiding treats and having her...
  11. M

    Standoffish BT?

    I have an EBT- a year old. We've been to obedience class, and she's doing great with her commands (even listens to her "leave it" command when there's a squirrel or rabbit in our yard! :)), but I feel that she only follows the commands because there's something in it for her- like a treat. For...
  12. M

    Slammed on brakes to avoid a fender bender and my EBT flew into the windshield

    We took her to the vet that night. Our doggie daycare said she was throwing up all day (and they didn't call us to let us know!!! :( ). But the vet said she looks fine. He said the signs to look for after something like that is uneven pupil size, slow reaction, walking funny, hard to wake up...
  13. M

    Slammed on brakes to avoid a fender bender and my EBT flew into the windshield

    I have to convince my hubby about the vet visit. We were just at the vets over the weekend for her skin allergies and spent $400. Of course, I'll do anything for my dog, but my husband always thinks I'm over-reacting when it comes to any sickness issue w/ the dog. Is it just me or do vets always...
  14. M

    Slammed on brakes to avoid a fender bender and my EBT flew into the windshield

    Major scare this morning- my husband slapped on the brakes to avoid hitting a car that cut him off, and our bull terrier flew into the windshield- cracking it. My husband says our dog was acting normally afterwards and wasn't hurt (no bleeding/bumps etc), but I am so worried. We're going to keep...
  15. M

    Can dogs bark themselves hoarse?

    I had my dog boarded overnight and when I got her home I noticed she's lost her voice. Whenever she barks, the only sound is a raspy "harf harf" sound (that you can barely hear). The kennel where we boarded her didn't mention anything about her barking and she was only there one night (during...
  16. M

    My EBT is a year old and we're having a baby!!

    Thanks for the advice! Looks like we have our work cut out for us but it'll be totally worth it. =) I want my dog to be involved and part of the family during the whole transition- not just locked up in her crate.
  17. M

    Favorite chew toy/bone?

    Can you give me some recommendations for chew toys/bones to keep my EBT occupied? She's a year old now and goes through bull pizzle sticks in minutes (omg and they're so expensive!). I don't want to give her any rawhide (although she loves it) because I heard it can be dangerous. So what do you...
  18. M

    My EBT is a year old and we're having a baby!!

    Hi, my husband and I have a 1 y/o bullie. She's good, for the most part (except for her new love of barking at us and jumping straight up in the air like she's got springs on her feet... we turn our backs and wait until she's quiet and gives us a sit before we give her any attention). But we are...