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    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

    I'm going to skip it........looking more and more doubtful and not worth the trouble. I appreciate it Dances.
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    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

    Oh yeah, I definitely wouldn't even consider a kennel that doesn't health test. Regarding the drive, I've only seen a few videos and pics of Alapahas and from what I can gather, there is a lot of variation in the breed. I'm drawn toward the ones that have a "pit bull" like body but with a...
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    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

    Would like any info about this breed from someone that had (or currently) owns one. In particular the CRK line of Alapahas. I know the breed is very similar to American Bulldogs, but supposedly has a lot more drive. Any opinions (good, bad or ugly) is wanted. Appreciate any input, thanks...
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    Olde English Bulldogge? Info?

    Check your PM.
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    Bully Kutta

    I remember reading a post from a person living in England (where this "breed" has already been somewhat established). The poster pretty much said that the history behind these dogs is so murky and overall they're not taken seriously. I also have seen footage of bully-kuttas in Asia. Pretty...
  6. P

    Bully Kutta

    Just a gentle warning. The breed as a whole is known for its very high level of human aggression. I've seen pics of these dogs and they range from mastiff-looking all the way to almost duplicates of bull terriers. What I'm trying to tell you is that there doesn't seem to be much conformity or...
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    Little Frank

    Does anyone own offspring off of Little Frank. LF looks like a real solid bulldog. Thanks.
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    Another Twilight movie, your kidding right? Anyone going?

    Hollywood needs to make one giant spoof of all these fantasy movies (ie. lord of rings, twilight, etc, etc, etc). And charly shean will be the grand vampire.
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    I think I found a breeder...

    From everything I've heard about the Sorrells line, it's supposed to be very consistent (like the Colby dogs). Probably a good choice, especially for a first time apbt owner.
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    Dagger Dogs

    Exactly. And even if you look at dogs like Mayday and Alligator, I'm pretty sure they never weighed more than 100. And if they did, then they were probably hog-fat, overweight and unconditioned.
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    Dagger Dogs

    I was talking about gamedogs in my previous post about size. You mentioned you've seen 100 pound UKC dogs. You said the magic word (or should I say letters, LOL!)...UKC. Show dogs are bred for size and appearance, no surprise there if some of the dogs are big. And I think everyone would...
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    Dagger Dogs

    Purebred apbt's are usually between 45-60 lbs (generally speaking). If a purebred bulldog is 80 lbs, it's considered huge. Dagger dogs are usually well over 100 lbs.
  13. P

    Dagger Dogs

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but a Dagger dog is basically a bandog (apbt x mastiff cross).
  14. P

    Toney Bloodline

    Anyone familiar with the Toney bloodline (out of West Virginia). Thanks.
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    Snapper baby

    I wanna put a blue whale in my pool. :rolleyes: Dude, what's your point?
  16. P

    Snapper baby

    Just thought I'd chime in. Yeah, I'd leave the turtles in the wild where they belong (especially the Snappers). Alligator Snappers were once very common many years ago in the South. There population was decimated mostly because millions were killed for their meat (turtle soup was once a...
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    Chinaman/Frisco Dogs

    Thanks for letting me know that. I really like the Colby and Sorrells dogs too. Don't know much about the Chinaman/Frisco stuff.
  18. P

    Chinaman/Frisco Dogs

    I definitely will. Just thought I'd ask cause it looks like a couple of members have chinaman-frisco dogs. Wanted to know how their dogs turned out. But I get your point about second hand info. Thanks.
  19. P

    Chinaman/Frisco Dogs

    Do they make good family(house) dogs. I always keep hearing about Chinaman being a manbiter and that these dogs have a predisposition to bite when excited. Just thought I'd ask. I'm considering making a visit to "the source" and seeing these dogs in person. How are they when it comes to...
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    hello everyone

    found this board while surfing the web. have always been an admirer of the breed but never owned one. will one day. my favorite lines are colby, patricks and old family reds. thanks for having me.