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Search results

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    Belly Smile

    Bullies have the best smile hands down.
  2. B

    How much damage has your BT puppy caused :)

    Belly decided to go for quality over quantity; she gnawed on my Rolex and Tag Carrera, Edward Green shoes and one of my bespoke suits that she managed to pull out of my closet. :no2: Yet every night she is back in my bed because she is absolutely amazing and makes me laugh. Luckily now that she...
  3. B

    Belly Hill

  4. B

    What do you love about your Bull Terrier?

    This goofy smile
  5. B

    More Bella aka Matilda

    Mati's bday party is today :lol: I will upload all the good pics tom but here are some quick ones from my phone. Bday girl taking a quick nap before the party. her ballons and pinata, its filled with dog treats and toys.
  6. B

    More Bella aka Matilda

    A few new pictures of Mati
  7. B

    Can You SEE GHOSTS When Looking Between Your Dogs Ears? :)

    Haven't looked in Mati's ear but this is a great picture. :sonn_u11:
  8. B

    Where is everybody? ...And some pics too.

    Been busy with the new job, here's Mati she is doing really well.
  9. B

    How much damage has your BT puppy caused :)

    Bella had been an angel until this week, woke up to my wallet on the floor and all my cards shredded and full of teeth marks. :eek:
  10. B

    Does your bull terrier ever get full?

    :lol: Glad to hear Matis not the only one. For a while I was wondering if maybe she had some kind of worm that was making her always hungry. :p My Scotty has never been like this with food and is more interesting in playing fetch. Mati on the other hand is forever on the food hunt and has an...
  11. B

    Does your bull terrier ever get full?

    Phew! That's a relief, yeah she is currently a floor scrap fiend hopefully she will follow suit and slow it down.
  12. B

    Does your bull terrier ever get full?

    Mati can pretty much eat ALL day it's insane :eek: the other day she got into the garage at my parents and we didn't know that she polished off ~2lbs of dog food. Then we were all feeding her inside giving her treats and when we went out to really feed her she had no food because she had eaten...
  13. B

    More Bella aka Matilda

    Unfortunately I can't :lol: every time I drop something black on the floor and pick it up covered in hair I tell myself she's done...every night she's back. :rolleyes:
  14. B

    More Bella aka Matilda

    Thanks! I love seeing pics of your girl her and Mati look like they could be related. :sonn_u11:
  15. B

    More Bella aka Matilda

    I've said that I'm not letting her on my bed anymore (hair all over my room) yet every night I let her stay. :o
  16. B

    Collars out of belts

    I need to get Matilda some more collars, I talked to my mom and apparently my dad ordered her this one. I'm pretty sure he plans on stealing her one of these days...:o I told him she can't tell the difference between that one and the $5 dollar one I got her he says she deserves the best...
  17. B

    Cesar~6 months~pic heavy!

    A lot of personal experience and vet bills :lol: you can PM if you'd like or just search my threads. Michelle the owner is a super sweet lady but I had a lot of problems with my dog from them and the "health guarantee" wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.
  18. B

    Cesar~6 months~pic heavy!

    Wasn't Guiness a dog from run a muk? What happened to him?