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  1. Alex Recluse Gillam

    Ideas on What Breed My Girls Are!

    Very good to know I learned something today! Thank you :)
  2. Alex Recluse Gillam

    Ideas on What Breed My Girls Are!

    We're working on papers! We're hoping to get Nemo trained to be a service dog! (as I have a severe mental disorder) I'm super happy with my mix pups :) I will admit, I had no idea there were so many breeds of Pit/Bully!
  3. Alex Recluse Gillam

    Ideas on What Breed My Girls Are!

    Lol my little mutts-If only my apartments would believe that! :) Either way, thanks :D
  4. Alex Recluse Gillam

    Ideas on What Breed My Girls Are!

    I rescued Mama (1 year, 4 months), who then had little Nemo (7 months), and all of this with no papers/documentation/information-More pictures on my profile if needed. I am reaching out to the community hoping to find out what breed they truly are. Any information/opinions would be greatly...
  5. Alex Recluse Gillam

    New Pitbull Family!

    Miss Rae : I am not saying I have A Blue Nose APBT, I just reference their color as blue(or grey or whatever they are). Like I said, this is my first experience with Bully Breed and this forum is the first community I've involved myself in. I came here, clearly, for knowledge. Thanks to...
  6. Alex Recluse Gillam

    New Pitbull Family!

    No pedigree, and I know they aren't full blood. It was a rescue situation and I know pretty much nothing about their breeding. Part of the reason why I joined the site. I wanted to know more about what type of bully breed they seem to be? :) Any ideas?
  7. Alex Recluse Gillam

    New Pitbull Family!

    Some pictures of the girls :) Sorry they're not the best quality, but gives you an idea! Mama is a little over a year and Lil Nemo is about 6 Months :)
  8. Alex Recluse Gillam

    New Pitbull Family!

    Hello! Our family consists of 2 beautiful blue girls: Nemo and Mama, our kitten Dj, Myself (Alex) and Mitchell:my wonderful partner. We are new to the forum, and new to pitbull owning. A young couple in an apartment, working from home and trying to get on our feet. We are very excited about...