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    Pit/Lab Dogfood problems.. Need help

    I do not have a membership but it only cost like 35 a month. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. price is kinda important due to money issues but if it helps him its not that big of a deal. if I can buy a 20lb bag that will last over a month or close for 50 bucks I can deal but some prices are real...
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    Ear Crop Information and Care

    I was just wondering what is the point of ear cropping? My puppy which I will try to get a picture on posted is 15 weeks and I love his ears how they are. but he does scratch them a lot. His face looks pit but his eyes look so damn cute! cause of it his name is "Eeyore" yes from Winnie the pooh...
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    Pit/Lab Dogfood problems.. Need help

    Here is one thing the Pedigree we feed him after a month his stools are solid like they should but he just farts a lot and constantly scratches. ACV what is I look online and its brings up Vinegar. if that is right should I try to use it before I change food? There is a cosco Close by me. I also...
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    Pit/Lab Dogfood problems.. Need help

    My puppy is not picky at all but the food we have tried does not agree with him is one way or another. either he gets the runs or he scratches like crazy and has real bad Gas. but no mater what he is full of energy. as a puppy kibbles was good but he had the runs all the time. we thought as...
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    Where did you find us?

    I was searching to find a dogfood for my puppy. and found a thread here that talked about some brands. I did what research I could but each brand noted I have tried and my dog reacts bad to it in one way or another.