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  1. 3babies

    Please help me save our family dog!!

    This^^^ They will help, but follow all their directions!
  2. 3babies

    Ugh... My daughter's dog got hit with a baseball bat by accident and has a broken jaw

    Looks like Tun will be fine. The surgeon said it was from the surgery. That sometimes stomach fluid backs up and irritates the esophagus causing reflux. He has to take a med that sort of covers the lining and also Pepcid ac. No vomiting today thank God. He goes back on Tuesday to be put to sleep...
  3. 3babies

    Ugh... My daughter's dog got hit with a baseball bat by accident and has a broken jaw

    Tun started vomiting this evening. We called the surgeon. He wants to see him first thing in the morning. Sigh...
  4. 3babies

    Ugh... My daughter's dog got hit with a baseball bat by accident and has a broken jaw

    We ordered a case of taste of the wild wet food, it didn't come yet. Today I had to blend his dry food with warm water until it was completely smooth in the blender. He can only eat a tablespoon or 2 at a time. The food gets trapped in the pins and rods, so he has to get sprayed off so he...
  5. 3babies

    Ugh... My daughter's dog got hit with a baseball bat by accident and has a broken jaw

    Thank you. That is good news. He is home now. The pins and stuff look worse than I thought they would, but Tun looks pretty good for everything he has gone through. He ate, then he had to have the screws sprayed off with the hose to get the stuck food out of it.
  6. 3babies

    Ugh... My daughter's dog got hit with a baseball bat by accident and has a broken jaw

    Let me explain... This was a tragic accident! My husband and daughter's boyfriend always play ball with the dogs. They throw the ball up in the air and hit it with a bat. The dogs normally would run as the ball was being thrown, before the bat was even swung. Well, last night my daughter's 9...
  7. 3babies

    Today the fun starts... daughter, boyfriend and their 2 dogs are moving home.

    Well, where we live, there is no CHEAP rentals. I don't think the dogs will suffer. I have an extremely dog friendly house. It is a temporary thing. We have a contract set up and also a savings plan in place where money is automatically transferred to an account in my name to save money for...
  8. 3babies

    Today the fun starts... daughter, boyfriend and their 2 dogs are moving home.

    My daughter and her boyfriend are moving in with us today. They need a place to live so they can save money and buy their own place. we have been preparing for this for weeks. We built a run 20' x 50' for their one dog "Bones". Bones is a lab/pit mix. He has never been an indoor dog and has...
  9. 3babies

    Big tongue! Lol

    I don't even know how Sadie's tongue fits in her mouth.
  10. 3babies

    Hip bones

    Did they mean it was broken before, but healed now? I would find it hard to believe a vet would tell anyone to allow a puppy to run and play if the hip was still broken. If the bone is healed and healed properly, your pup should be fine.
  11. 3babies

    Wilson fans, a couple for you

    I have to say, Wilson is one of the most gorgeous, handsome, expressive dogs on here. I absolutely love seeing pics of him.
  12. 3babies

    My Dog is my hero!!

    Oh did I ever. I really scolded her. Sometimes she can be stubborn, or get on a scent... I praised her, loved her and yes, I felt so ashamed.
  13. 3babies

    Is there any disadvantages to spaying at 6-7 months

    Well, I was one of the ones that waited. Sadie was just spayed on Monday. She is 20 months old. I was going to wait till she was 2+, but we are having 2 male dogs stay with us for a few months. 1 is intact. I didn't want an oops litter, or any litter. I was told it helps more with their bones...
  14. 3babies

    Sadie got spayed yesterday...

    No they didn't send her home with any pain meds. They did give her a shot for pain when my husband picked her up. I still can't believe they sent her home after only 2 1/2 hours. She was such a mess. Her breathing really frightened me the most, it was so fast and shallow. She seems a lot better...
  15. 3babies

    Sadie got spayed yesterday...

    Thank you everyone. Sadie is much better. I think it was the anesthesia. No more howling, just whimpers now and then. She is sore, you can tell when she walks or tries to lay down. She ate, only pooped once yesterday when she got home, nothing since then. She really didn't eat yesterday and only...
  16. 3babies

    Something ate my chickens

    Yes, just dig down a foot and out a foot and bend the wire. Fill dirt over it. Definitely needed if there are coyote/dogs around. My chicken coop/run will withstand the most determined animal as well as a hurricane. Haha!
  17. 3babies

    Sadie got spayed yesterday...

    Finally got Sadie spayed. My daughter and her boyfriend and their 2 male dogs are moving in with us for a few months. I took Sadie to the Collier county, Fl spay and neuter clinic. I was nervous about this as soon as I walked in the door. There were about 15 other dogs and maybe 10 cats all...
  18. 3babies

    Something ate my chickens

    Ok, I have had chickens for years. Never use chicken wire, chain link or anything that an animal's paw can fit through. Think raccoon, weasel, skunk. Get some 12 to 14 gage welded wire with only 1/2" opening. Bury the wire 1 foot down and 1 foot out. This will keep the digging animals out...
  19. 3babies

    My Dog is my hero!!

    I took Sadie out back for a run and a game of fetch. Trying to tire her out before the fireworks tonight. After a good long play, I put her on her lead and took her towards the front yard. I was passing the pool equipment and decided to check the salt level on the pool. She yanked me so hard, I...
  20. 3babies

    Fireworks & Your Dog

    Sadie completely freaks out. Last year she jumped on my kitchen counter and then dove into my husbands arms. She cried and whimpered every time one would go off. She was extremely stressed for days after. It is only fireworks that go into the air, like the big professional ones. We live 2 blocks...