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  1. Humblepit

    THE Rant Thread

    Wowww you look younger than that. You age like fine wine. lol NYC is different now. It's always changing and safer than when I was growing up. Lol
  2. Humblepit

    No Topic Thread 2.0

    I remember him yelling a lot lol he died pretty young too
  3. Humblepit

    THE Rant Thread

  4. Humblepit

    THE Rant Thread

    At that time I was 27 and the other person was 25 lol all I heard was "I'm a grown ass adult." All said was "don't cry later when your feelings get hurt." But.. Not all relationships are created equal. Like they say "age ain't nothing but a number," but then I would say "So is a prison...
  5. Humblepit

    THE Rant Thread

    I think it's worst when you're the child and one of your parents is dating someone younger than you. Yes I know from experience. Lol Shit how old are you? Lol Hang out with me for a week or two and you'll be a pro.
  6. Humblepit

    Kali Pictures and Videos

    She looks very pretty and healthy
  7. Humblepit

    That look

    Good looking dog. I love the last pic lol
  8. Humblepit

    Dash pics

    Thanks. She really loves him so if he's doing well then he'll stay and I'll help her out with whatever she needs. He makes me a bigger fan of American bullies. Thank you
  9. Humblepit

    Dash pics

    Since I started school this semester I haven't been able to see dash, but I saw him this weekend. For those who don't know he's staying with my mom and so far she's taking good care of him. Without further ado... here's Dash!!! Enjoy
  10. Humblepit

    Ending on a high note

    Congrats!!! Both of you have really good form in the last pic lol
  11. Humblepit

    No Topic Thread 2.0

    Ah hahahaha I'm dead
  12. Humblepit

    Happy Birthday sweet Griffin!

    Happy belated birthday Griffey
  13. Humblepit

    Summer fun with Veronica

    Nice video
  14. Humblepit

    Resting bacon face.

    Can anybody relate? Lol 17 Dogs Who Suffer From Resting Bacon Face
  15. Humblepit

    THE Rant Thread

    I kid I kid lol Nah, but for real tho, that's really horrible. I can't even imagine it. Ughh
  16. Humblepit

    THE Rant Thread

    Are you sure it ain't the clap?