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Search results

  1. Harleyboy

    Easy lead head collars or chest collars

    Which do you prefer to use when training your dog not to pull? I had one that went around under his legs then over his chest, and to his neck. It didn't help at all. I ordered the head one this time with the video, and am hoping this will help me out. Any tips.
  2. Harleyboy

    Adopted a new puppy this week!

    How cute. Good luck with him.
  3. Harleyboy

    Weight pulling mentor wanted in Florida

    I live in Weeki Wachee, Florida.
  4. Harleyboy

    Weight pulling mentor wanted in Florida

    Harley is our 1 and 1/2 year rescue that was badly represented by the rescue we got him from. They said he was a pit bull ambassador, attended many functions, and was well trained. Let's just say I can't even get him to walk on a leash without pulling my arms out of the sockets, and the whole...
  5. Harleyboy

    What if someone demanded your dog?

    If I were in a place where I could easily get my pistol I'd put up a fight, otherwise as others have said there's no sense dying, because your dog will still be taken.
  6. Harleyboy

    Anytime. You need to charge what you feel is a fair price, and to detour people who will miss...

    Anytime. You need to charge what you feel is a fair price, and to detour people who will miss use the pup. I breed a long time ago, and I know it isn't cheap. There's a lot of time and money that goes into producing a litter. I did as much background checking on prospective buyers as I...
  7. Harleyboy

    Strong Female names?

    I love Athena. It sounds so strong and proud.
  8. Harleyboy

    I came here so I don't get my head bit off. I think your site is great, dogs, gorgeous. I come...

    I came here so I don't get my head bit off. I think your site is great, dogs, gorgeous. I come to this site because it's the only one around. I find many people on here promoting DA, fighting, etc. I don't want to have to keep my dog in my yard on a run, because it might decide to attack. I want...
  9. Harleyboy

    How did you come up with your dog's name?

    When we rescued Harley his name was Finley and it just didn't fit, so being Harley lover's he was named Harley although somedays I think Chicken Little would have been better. LOL
  10. Harleyboy

    Ernie Sims Pit Bulls on Parade

    It sounds like it would be a lot of fun to me, and give the public a chance to see our pits in a different light then what they read about in the newspapers, or imagine in their heads.
  11. Harleyboy


    Thanks for the help. I will enroll him in an obiedence class as suggested. I really want him to be a good citizen.
  12. Harleyboy

    My baby was falsely accused of biting neighborhood kid

    Good luck. I hope things go your way. I'm sure if your dog bit him he wouldn't have stood there with his tongue hanging out, and his tag waving. He would have shown some sort of aggression.
  13. Harleyboy


    We rescured Harley about 6 ago now, and I didn't think we had socialization problems until a friend of mine stopped by, and he just stood at the door and barked and barked at her. I reprimanded him, and put him in our room where he likes to be. How do I socialize him when we don't have that...
  14. Harleyboy

    I think we are in trouble

    I'm sorry you had to go trough this, but you really can't leave them alone. I hope all goes well for you.
  15. Harleyboy

    Apparently I'm a racist?

    LOL I don't think I would have know what to say. I would have been so stunded.
  16. Harleyboy

    You gotta let a dog be a dog LOL

    I would have let him have it, because I wasn't eating it after it fell on the ground. LOL
  17. Harleyboy

    Taffy picture

    She's just gorgeous.
  18. Harleyboy

    Homesick. This is for anyone who has ever lost a dear pet or even a dear friend

    That was just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Harleyboy

    BYB, a home based business.

    I agree this is a sad situation, but it's one that's really hard to stop.There has to be some kind of laws that they can put in place to atleast slow this down.
  20. Harleyboy

    Today is more sad than happy

    That is a sad thought. Just enjoy everyday you do have, so when the time comes you'll have lots of great memories.