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  1. Quik Z06

    My 10 month blue pit is covered in rashes

    My dog gets these kind of rashes from a weed they come in contact on the walk. I'm wondering since it's on areas your dog would come in contact wheel laying, if it could be from the bedding, grass or even pesticides sprayed. Its the start of spring, new things are starting to pop up and be...
  2. Quik Z06

    Dog protects Pregnant Woman

    And the kind of people who says "I don't know why my dog bit the baby, she's never shown aggression before!"
  3. Quik Z06

    Do you leave a collar on your dog 24/7?

    2 of my dogs never wear collars. Only Harley (avatar) does and that has a bell on it with her tags. Mostly for me to hear where she's at when I let her out on the ranch. All are chipped, but Harley is the only one who is used to a collar. It does come off when she comes in. The fear of...
  4. Quik Z06

    puppy is peeing blood.

    When it comes to something as serious as this, don't wait, there may not be a tomorrow. Adopting a dog is meaning you will care for them fully, not just when it's convenient. I hope for your sake it's nothing, but why risk it.
  5. Quik Z06

    New American Bully Owner

    Such an adorable pup.
  6. Quik Z06

    Dog protects Pregnant Woman

    All they are doing is encouraging bad behavior and aggressiveness. The wrong person touches her will result in a nasty lawsuit, destroyed dog and more bad press. Shame on them.
  7. Quik Z06

    Is there really NO chew toy that we can use?

    I saw a vid of some 2liter bottles mounted on a stick. The weight was naturally cap side up but the dog had to figure out how to flip them for treats. Too fast it would dispense nothing. Good puzzle game for a treat motivated dog. Another thing I use is a plastic water bottle inside a jean...
  8. Quik Z06


    That's exactly what I meant. If the mom didn't have her shots, the pup is more susceptible to diseases/virus than if she had them.
  9. Quik Z06

    House trained dog going in house

    I'm probably going to be bashed for this but here's my opinion. Your dog is jealous. They went from being your full attn to sharing you and that's their way of letting you know it's not ok. My moms dog used to do this when I used to take his brother to 4H in school. Fully house broken dogs...
  10. Quik Z06

    FL: Boynton Beach police find 14 pit bulls living without food or water

    Sadly this says it all. The laws need to be harsher for animal abuse like this. It starts at animals and works up to killing humans. Maybe people would think twice if the laws were stricter!
  11. Quik Z06


    Btw letting your pup outside introduces them to a whole world of diseases and danger. Keep them inside until it's old enough to get its first set of shots at least.
  12. Quik Z06


    First off, take the pup to the vet for health care check up. Secondly beg your father to get both them fixed. The mother isn't caring for the pups she has now and no need to risk another litter. Try mixing some wet dog food with milk to start weaning the pup from milk to solids. Hoping the...
  13. Quik Z06

    Where does your APBT/Bully sleep at night and spend its days :) ?

    My Harley (avatar) sleeps on my side of the bed on her dog bed and my old baby blanket (won't sleep there without it). At night she'll occasionally sneak up (who we kidding, she's as clumsy as a bull in a china shop) on the CA King with hubby and I. Ends up laying between our feet. Hubby's dog...
  14. Quik Z06

    Strange behavior

    I was going to question that myself. A new body spray, lotion that could be making the dog deter away? Or even something fearful they see that scares them out. My Harley was doing something similar, hiding outside and when she comes in, it's to hide in the room at the far end of the house...
  15. Quik Z06

    Idaho officer violated policy when he shot dog through van window, review says

    The amount of police shooting not just Pits but other breeds as well is overwhelming. It's sad to see such a hatred on a look of a dog from the fear of a breed. Be it a service dog who won't harm a fly, to a family pet, to judge a dog by its look and act accordingly just because you have a...
  16. Quik Z06

    Unfair/harsh treatment at my Vet re my pitbull

    First off I commend you for addressing the situation with the vets office and informing them of your nasty visit. You're the voice for your dog and hopefully can save someone else from having the same ordeal. No vet should treat an animal like that. Ive ve had a similar experience with my...
  17. Quik Z06

    Why are police dogs...

    Not sure if anyone remembers the show Alpha Dogs, but it was good to watch. Explaining what's required from their service dogs not only for police but military. High ball drive and a desire to work. The Malanoise and GSD are great candidates because they can be easily carried when needed...
  18. Quik Z06

    Opinion on this type of collar

    I use one whenever I take my Harley out. She had the standard collar but slips out of it too easily not even trying. When she is on a leash, it tightens if necessary but is loose enough not to have her choking. I don't like leaving it on full time, but I can see it being able to without...
  19. Quik Z06

    Is he a pure bread

    Rofl, great thread. The Wonder Bread dog This is what happens when you have an inbread dog
  20. Quik Z06

    NY: Dog Miraculously Survives Being Thrown Off The BQE In Greenpoint

    I don't understand the insane cruelty of people over animals. Of all creatures on thes planet, dogs are the most forgiving and loving I've seen. It takes a true monster to intentionally cause harm like this. I hope they find him and...well I can't say what I wish would happen to him, but...