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  1. Charlene

    Skin issue with my 9 mo old pup

    Yes, I think it is a hystiocytoma. I remember the vet has scraped them in the past, but I couldn't remember what she called them. It must be why she isn't too concerned with them. The article does say that bullies are prone to get them. I'll continue with the topical antibiotic she gave us...
  2. Charlene

    Skin issue with my 9 mo old pup

    Good ideas. I'll see if they are open today. We've had major snow & ice this week, so being in the Deep South, of course everything in town has been shut down bc the roads are closed. Thanks.
  3. Charlene

    Skin issue with my 9 mo old pup

    As I said earlier, I don't remember what she said this was as this was one of several reasons we've been to see her. Every other time, Thor has had to go on oral antibiotics &/or steroids for something else. I'm not sure which, if either, made a difference with these bumps. She gave me...
  4. Charlene

    Skin issue with my 9 mo old pup

    Our vet has seen him about it before and frankly, doesn't seem that concerned about it. That's why I put the antibiotic on it that she gave us last time. I was just wondering if maybe this is common in this breed because in the 6 months we've had him, this is the 3 or 4 one he's had.
  5. Charlene

    Skin issue with my 9 mo old pup

    Any ideas as to what this is?
  6. Charlene

    Skin issue with my 9 mo old pup

    Yes, if I can get him to cooperate. :)
  7. Charlene

    Skin issue with my 9 mo old pup

    Hi. I'm the proud mamma of Thor (a 9 month old Ambully). Thor has a hard, round, red, flat bump on his left hind leg right under his joint that seems to be getting larger. He had this before when he was younger also when I took him to the vet for shots shortly after we adopted him, but I...