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  1. DarkKnight

    My puppy homer

    He's a good looking boy, a little on the tubby side but most bully puppies I see are like that. Doesnt make it right or wrong though. Me personally I like to see my pups and my dogs last ribs to be showing. Giving them a waste line. That way they dont grow up tubby. ;)
  2. DarkKnight

    Envy at 8 months!! would love opinions

    She looks as if she might have an under bite? To me her legs look a bit bowed but it could be the angle of the camera. She has a very pretty face though!
  3. DarkKnight

    My boys are in their prime

    Thanks, ya life has been crazy. But isnt it always. lol
  4. DarkKnight

    New Idget pics

    Love the photo with the head cocked! Also Im digging the brindle points showing up. Gonna be a beautiful adult.
  5. DarkKnight

    My boys are in their prime

    Finally got my phone up and running again so I figured I get some nice new photos of my boys while they are in their prime. Kratos is coming on 4 years old and Jericho will be 3 years old soon. Kratos as some of you remember is the Blue Fawn and Jericho, Kratos son is the extremely light Blue...
  6. DarkKnight

    New photos of Jericho

    Jericho just celebrated his second birthday two months ago. I am so happy with this boy, he has turned out outstanding in my eyes. Doing great at his Service work and he even helps with my son who is Autistic. I havent been around the forums much, for the last two years I have been having some...
  7. DarkKnight

    Photo over load!

    Thanks for the feed back guys! That's Jericho, my pride and joy. I bred him myself, out of my male Kratos. He is all Razor's Edge consisting of, 2X Throwin Knuckles, Inna Rage, Blue Dozer, Blue Daisy, Blue Mnt's Big Bully, Chevy Red Dog, Bishop 5150. I am trying to move out to FL so that I can...
  8. DarkKnight

    Photo over load!

    Whole bunch of random photos of our dogs. All produced by us.
  9. DarkKnight

    Almost Perfection?

    Gosh I love my boy! :) 14 Months ---------- Post added at 01:33 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:27 AM ----------
  10. DarkKnight

    New Photos of the Crew

    The white on is Biggie. I will have new photos soon, he is living with good friends of ours who now own him. ---------- Post added at 06:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:43 PM ---------- Here is what Biggie looked like when we first got him. What he looks like now, after his mud...
  11. DarkKnight

    New Photos of the Crew

    No McDonald's doesnt. But Jericho is my Service Animal, they werent too happy about that. LOL
  12. DarkKnight

    New Photos of the Crew

    They are growing so fast! Jericho 1 year, 90 pounds, 18" tall and a 23 1/2" head Me getting my loves from my boys Biggie with weight on, Biggie is Jericho's Uncle on his moms side Hazard, who's turned out to be an XL (7 months in photos) Jericho and Hazard Kratos @ 2...
  13. DarkKnight

    WANTED: Photos of your Bully breed dog with children/other animals.

    Thanks for the photos. K, I will be taking you up on that! ;)
  14. DarkKnight

    Haz Maz ~ Haz ~ Hazard ~ Biohazard ~ Boy's got a lot of names! 6 Months.

    He is Razors Edge. He's got Dozer and Daisy as his great grand parents.
  15. DarkKnight

    Haz Maz ~ Haz ~ Hazard ~ Biohazard ~ Boy's got a lot of names! 6 Months.

    He looks great! Nothing wrong with being leaner, means healthier joints! ;)
  16. DarkKnight

    Haz Maz ~ Haz ~ Hazard ~ Biohazard ~ Boy's got a lot of names! 6 Months.

    Oh, I really hope that he doesn't get THAT big!!! ;)
  17. DarkKnight

    WANTED: Photos of your Bully breed dog with children/other animals.

    Building a new website dedicated to changing the out look of "Pit Bulls" and all bully breed dogs. Photos will be used on the site! Would also like some help if your willing to lend it, would like anything positive on bully breeds. Also want to hear what you would think would help to change the...
  18. DarkKnight

    Haz Maz ~ Haz ~ Hazard ~ Biohazard ~ Boy's got a lot of names! 6 Months.

    How old is Torque and how big was his Sire, I cant remember his name off the top of my head. So far, Kratos' pups have all been bigger and Bullier then him.
  19. DarkKnight

    Haz Maz ~ Haz ~ Hazard ~ Biohazard ~ Boy's got a lot of names! 6 Months.

    Im trying to keep him lean, just because of how big and heavy he is but he is still weighting in at about 55-60 pounds! Jericho is a year old (Bday was the 17th of this month!) and a solid 90 pounds. I have NO CLUE how big Hazard will be but Jericho was not that heavy or big at that...