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  1. monica vazquez

    10 Super Foods For You and Your Dog

    that's funny, cause my dog eats several of these foods. If I have a tuna sandwich, he gets half. He likes lettuce and broccoli too (which I thought was strange) But when we eat carrots, he'll just sniff and walk away , but if we dip them in ranch dressing (like we eat them) he'll eat them no...
  2. monica vazquez

    NJ: Authorities seeking help after pit bull is dumped in Eatontown in horrific condition

    How incredibly sad that anyone could do this to any living creature. If you don't want the commitment or can't afford it....don't get the dog. Simple as that. And look at that sweet face....That's exactly the expression that my baby has when I give him a treat ! Makes me sick to think ppl can be...
  3. monica vazquez

    How much exercise does your dog need?

    my doggy loves the laser light.....he will chase it for hours. And we can do it inside or outside.
  4. monica vazquez

    Tips For Giving a Proper Pit Bull Bath

    My Cholo hates his bath. We started when he was a puppy and didn't bother him as much. But now at 1 1/2 years he is terrible ! It's a 3 man job for us. My son sits in the tub and holds him i take the top end and talk baby talk, tell him good boy etc while my daughter takes the bottom half. He...
  5. monica vazquez

    The Dog Paradox

    thank you for sharing. I laughed. I cried. Perfect!
  6. monica vazquez

    new owner

    I am a fairly new pitt owner. Any tips on manners training would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks