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  1. BCdogs

    Tonka tested positive for Valley Fever.

    You’re right, that was my mistake. She’s on Fluconazole twice per day. They said it could be up to a year.
  2. BCdogs

    Tonka tested positive for Valley Fever.

    That’s awesome to hear. How long did it take before you saw the neg? My fiancé’s grandparents went to Arizona for the winter and unfortunately, their dog came back positive. No vets around here are super knowledgeable on it because it doesn’t exist in our area, so this thread has been helpful...
  3. BCdogs

    Will she ever develop those defined latissimus dorsi?

    Targetted exercise definitely helps but genetics are also involved. It was really hard for me to visibly develop Piggy’s core, and it will never be as prominent as some dogs that are more genetically prone to it, but I do see it on her now. I did a lot of “push ups” with her where I’d have her...
  4. BCdogs

    Can't shake this UTI....

    A culture & sensitivity is not the same as a regular urinalysis. If there are still elevated WBCs then there’s still an infection. That needs to be addressed, not bandaid the symptoms with an incontinence drug. Clarify if they did the C & S and ask for one if not. That will tell you exactly...
  5. BCdogs

    Can't shake this UTI....

    Stilbestrol is not an antibiotic, it’s hormonal therapy for urinary incontinence in bitches. If there’s still bacteria present on her U/A and the same antibiotics are not working, they should be doing a culture & sensitivity to check for resistant bacteria and tailor their treatment based on...
  6. BCdogs

    I uabe two questions regarding

    Do you have pedigrees for them and/or are the parents registered?
  7. BCdogs

    This thing turned 13 today!

    Happy birthday :)
  8. BCdogs

    Sad News Following Spaying

    I think you’re humanizing her way too much. She will be fine, she’s not going to be traumatized or anything, she’ll likely be back to normal in a matter of days. As far as recovery goes, keeping her quiet is ideal but always difficult. As long as you prevent jumping or other excessive movement...
  9. BCdogs

    Amstaff colour

    I say seal too.
  10. BCdogs

    Opinions on advice I received regarding exercise in the heat and hydration/cooling?

    Yeah, read this a couple times now and all I can think is that was a whole lot of nothing. The bloat thing I agree with, I don’t normally feed my dogs or allow a lot of water consumption in between heavy exercise, I wait until after.
  11. BCdogs

    Venting: dog park

    Okay, no one said you have to keep your dog locked up like a prisoner. That’s ridiculous. There are many more safe and effective ways to exercise your dog than letting it loose with a bunch of strange dogs.
  12. BCdogs

    Venting: dog park

    Yeah, this. Please tell me how my well-socialized, well-trained, dog-aggressive dog is “bad” and how I am somehow responsible for this. I’ll wait.
  13. BCdogs

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum, My dog got shot by the police, looking for help!

    Sorry to hear but we do not allow soliciting on this forum so I’ve removed your gofundme link. I hope your dog recovers and that this serves as a warning that it is so important to contain your dogs. Yes, the prejudice surrounding this breed and type in general is bullshit, but that just means...
  14. BCdogs

    True pitbulls and the haters

    Oh good, it was getting a little quiet around here.
  15. BCdogs

    How much more weight will he put on

    Both of my dogs grew taller for the first year, then filled out for another year after. They didn’t put on much weight after that, just lost that puppy look and started building muscle. Squirt is actually lighter now then he was at 1-2 years because he leaned out with exercise. Pig lost puppy...
  16. BCdogs

    Lawsuit filed against Champion Petfoods - Acana and Orijen

    It may not seem like much but Squirt is at a lean 58lbs nowadays and only eats 1.5 cups per day (we feed Pulsar). Some dogs just have slower metabolisms and will gain weight on next to nothing. He’s one of them since I had him neutered.
  17. BCdogs

    Lawsuit filed against Champion Petfoods - Acana and Orijen

    It’s a rich food so overfeeding even a little can definitely cause weight gain.
  18. BCdogs

    Lawsuit filed against Champion Petfoods - Acana and Orijen

    https://truthaboutpetfood.com/lawsuit-filed-against-champion-pet-food-acana-and-orijen/ Thoughts?
  19. BCdogs

    Jaw drop

    I have zero personal experience with this but a quick search tells me that this is an inflammation of the jaw due to either injury or nerve degeneration. Treatment is supportive and there is typically spontaneous resoluation within a few weeks. What did your vet say?
  20. BCdogs

    Are we supposed eat before we feed the dogs?

    That seems pretty silly. I feed my dogs when I get home from work around 4:30 and eat dinner myself later at 6ish. Don’t really understand what that would effect?