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Search results

  1. dogged

    Nostalgic Cartoons

    That's the ticket!! Rocko's Modern Life was my childhood favorite and even more so now that I get the adult jokes that went over my innocent childhood head. I still remember the Recycle song and Wacky Deli.
  2. dogged

    Whats your Job?

    Dog trainer, working towards a career in law enforcement.
  3. dogged

    Chicken skin Raw Food

    Never did, unless the dog was sensitive to fats and then I'd trim it. Freeze it before feeding and she will be forced to eat slower.
  4. dogged

    What web browser do you use?

    I loooove Chrome. :D
  5. dogged

    What web browser do you use?

    Google Chrome all the way.
  6. dogged


    Wow, what a phenomenal looking dog.
  7. dogged

    When work is play

    My boy Buddy and his buddy Michael. We are working towards trialing in Mondioring. After training...
  8. dogged

    Foundations of Competitive Tracking Tapes for sale

    FOR SALE CTS FOUNDATIONS OF COMPETITIVE TRACKING - #1 VHS by Joanne Fleming-Plumb How to teach your dog scent discrimination through the use of a scent box, how to lay a track conducive to learning while building basic skills, calmness and confidence in all dogs. Shows the handler how to...
  9. dogged

    not only apbts can be conditionned!

    I LOVE JRTs! Lovely little dog in great shape.
  10. dogged

    Conditioned Non-APBTs

    Inspired by ganja's thread with that super little JRT... :) Post up your conditioned non-APBTs My Boxer, Tate, in decent shape
  11. dogged

    ok america is doomed... presenting deep fried...

    I'm suddenly not hungry anymore.
  12. dogged

    Rock n' roll all night, train everyday

    Yesterday's weather here in GA was gorgeous, made even better because I got to spend most of it with friends and training dogs! Sorry that the pics are small. For the larger versions, go HERE OB first! The new kid on the block, Mav B The OTHER white...
  13. dogged

    Which of these is the most dangerous?

    Bears.Bears eat beets. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.
  14. dogged

    Answers from Vegans??

    Me too! As an alternative, I eat pretty much all day rather than three big meals. I find whole grains and protein are a good fix to quiet my stomach.
  15. dogged

    Answers from Vegans??

    I hear ya, pitchik. I've been doing a lot of the same. I've experienced a big change by cutting out fast food and processed carbohydrates/refined sugars. I've added a lot of whole grain, lean meats, eggs and more veggies to the roster. But everyone's different and I'm still tweaking my own...
  16. dogged

    Ever have one of those day where....

    Only all the time, Obed. Only all the time.
  17. dogged

    Answers from Vegans??

    During my teen years, I was a vegan for 1 year and a vegetarian for 7. Being a vegetarian was do-able, being vegan (in the South) was near impossible. I won't bore you with all the details--but there are non-dairy options to ice cream, cheese, sour cream, milk and so on but none of them (minus...
  18. dogged

    Grand Carpet Mill Deluxe for sale (GA)

    Still for sale. I apologize sincerely for not getting back with the few PMs of interest I've gotten, life has been hectic and board time and been limited. For this still seriously interested, shoot me a PM!
  19. dogged

    What do YOU look like?

    Me and Captain Insane-o
  20. dogged

    Best revenge on an ex!

    Wow. I dare anyone to top that. Actually, don't. :eek: