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  1. phillysmom

    Not a bully breed, but still a handsome fella!!

    Here is my boy Rio. Never thought I would like a dog like this, but it turns out he is pretty awesome. First pic, is him when he was around 11 months old, after that is when he matured. Thanks for looking.
  2. phillysmom

    Lost my beautiful Kirra, and now Wallie is gone too!

    I lost my girl Kirra, On December 29th, 2021. At least she was with us on Christmas. Still so hard for me today. Then, in June, we lost Wallie. Wallie is the dog in my avatar. Damn, why is it so hard?? I know they lived a full life, everything we could give them we did. My best memory of...
  3. phillysmom

    Veronica Lynn Pit-Bull 6/18/06 - 7/18/21

    Hi remember her and I remember you. I know I’m late to this but she was an awesome dog !!
  4. phillysmom

    New puppy !

    I like the name Katos. Kairo, or maybe Kassius. Be careful. A dog that my son got was the only blue fawn in the litter and she turned out to be totally deaf.
  5. phillysmom

    What do YOU look like?

    Haven't done this for awhile. Recent pic.
  6. phillysmom

    Haven't been on here in awhile, but I lost my precious Chloe last November.

    Haven't been able to talk or face it since. My baby Chloe left me. I had to let her go , she had kidney disease and old age, etc. So hard. RIP, a true angel is what she was. This was in November 2020.. God, I miss her!!
  7. phillysmom

    Perry Mason

    Gorgeous as always!!
  8. phillysmom

    Ginger...now a 13-year old senior

    Always loved her!! She is more beautiful than ever!:x
  9. phillysmom

    Mischief update

    Love them!! Beautiful dogs. Thanks for the update.
  10. phillysmom

    grain free to kibble with grains?

    Look up dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs and draw your own conclusions.
  11. phillysmom

    What do you think is the best obedience training method?

    This is an older post, and I couldn't disagree more with the above post. After any years of dealing with dogs and different behavioral issues, the prong and e collar have been the best I have found. I will also use rewards with most. The above post discourages e-collar and prong use, that is...
  12. phillysmom

    Why Ignoring Bad Behavior Doesn’t Work

    Or correct the undesirable behavior, try it , it actually works!!
  13. phillysmom

    Trusty (2006? - August 09, 2018)

    So sorry for your loss. Its one of the hardest things ever and leaves such an emptiness in our homes and our hearts.
  14. phillysmom

    My baby girl Ellie passed.

    I haven't been on here for awhile. Don't know who remembers me. My girl Ellie passed very unexpectedly Sunday morning. She was 10. I am trying to make sense of it she just collapsed and died. We are heartbroken and confused. RIP my sweet baby girl. We didn't expect her to be the first of...
  15. phillysmom

    Could Benadryl Cause Aggression In My Dog?

    Benadryl makes me mean and bitchy, so I think it could possibly have the same results in dogs.
  16. phillysmom

    How does something like this happen?

    I don't understand taking a new dog into the home and allowing it to roam freely without really knowing the dog. When I brought my dog home from the shelter she had no free roaming in the house privileges for at least 30 days. I always had her on the leash.
  17. phillysmom


    I am so sorry for you loss and for the very deep and real pain I know you are feeling right now. Its so hard and it will be difficult in the upcoming weeks, but you have to know she would not want you to be so sad. I don't know why it is and how it is so possible for us to love our dogs so...
  18. phillysmom

    Don't Overlook Your Easy Dog

    Thanks for posting. This is a good reminder for some of us!
  19. phillysmom

    What to do, surgery or not.

    Thank you to all that read and replied to my posting. I guess I will just have to take it one day at a time and see what happens. Nat Ursula, I do live not too terribly far from UC Davis but the neurosurgeon I have appointment with is closer and has a good rep. We'll see what happens. Just...
  20. phillysmom

    What to do, surgery or not.

    Looking for some input from anybody out there who has had a dog with IDD (intervertebral disc disease). My dog has been diagnosed with a problem in her spine by her regular vet. I believe the term used was cauda equina syndrome, disc space narrowing, disc space wedging all mentioned in her...