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    Recent picture of my girl Tiny and my boy Munchkin........

    Tiny is the blue fawn and Munchkin the blue brindle. These were taken two days ago.....
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    MJ posing or the camera!!!

    Thank you......
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    This is large.... Straight feet too......
  4. T


    He's a good looking pup. Slight outward feet are acceptable by ABKC from some of the larger breeds but pockets, standards, classics and even XL's all should have pretty tight, straight feet. Does that mean you can't show him? Not at all. It may be counted as a fault, not a disqualification. Have...
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    MJ posing or the camera!!!

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    Champion Honey Shot from yesterday's outing......

    Long exposure.... Nice!!!!
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    MJ posing or the camera!!!

    Wait. The lion fish. Tell me you are not into reef aquariums also.....lol. I have a 300 gallon cube reef setup.....
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    MJ posing or the camera!!!

    All of my public stuff is portraiture. Stuff that pays the bills. I don't have any stuff that I like shooting posted public. I've won several contest and sold a few pieces of my macro work which is my favorite photography..... Major fan of the Buff stuff..... Good to know someone else on the...
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    Champion Honey Shot from yesterday's outing......

    kamdon, it's actually neither. I processed the pic in cs5. It was actually flat and boring. I added rendered light to appear as the sun. Agreed, takes away from the subject but, I am just having fun with my dog pictures.
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    MJ posing or the camera!!!

    lol. You're hooked. I have 4 Paul C Buff white lightning 1600's, two ab800's, large octabox, parabolic umbrellas, pocket wizard triggers, etc...lol. Tons of money in my studio setup..... That Canon 5d mark 3 is nice. I love the canon L lens. I am actually thinking about Canon. I was going to get...
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    MJ posing or the camera!!!

    My walk around is the Nikon D7000 with either my 50mm 1.8 or my 70-200 2.8. My money maker is the Nikon D700 usually with the 24-70 2.8. My wife carries a D7000 also. What do you use?
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    MJ posing or the camera!!!

    Thank you. I love photography almost as much as I do the bullys. My cameras are always with me......
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    Champion Honey Shot from yesterday's outing......

    Thanks. Nope, I haven't heard that one yet...lol!!!
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    What's your favorite class of bully and why?

    I love pockets too. Honestly though, if I ever got into showing pockets, there's only two sources I would buy from. That's the Suarez Bull kennel where Paco came from or this particular breeder I see at shows who pockets are done right. He produces grch after grch.