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  1. catchrcall

    My kennel setup

    I was asked about my kennel set up so I thought I'd show a few pictures. Right now there are only eight kennels but there will eventually be ten and the alley between the kennels will have a gate where the steps are. That's on the schedule for this year as well as automatic waterers and...
  2. catchrcall

    New pup- Miss Mayhem

    I figured I'd share the newest addition to our kennels. This is Miss Mayhem. May for short. We have high hopes for her in the coming years. She would be a niece to BA, my current catch dog that we use on hogs. Unfortunately we lost our other catch dog to tumors this year, so we needed an up...
  3. catchrcall

    Big spotted boar

    We got a call from a landowner that had hogs tearing his up so we decided to make a quick run. We only took two curs (Gizmo and Chief) and one catch dog (BA). We checked where the hogs had been rooting and made a couple turnouts, then moved on to check water holes. The curs struck on the...
  4. catchrcall

    Kennel project one step farther along

    The kennel project we have been working on is one big step closer to completion. The full 54x24 foot deck has been completed and the equipment/feed shed is done except for a little paint. There will be kennels the entire length of the deck when it's finished. This is where you will access...
  5. catchrcall

    Couple pictures of my catch dogs

    BA waiting for a bay Beetle waiting to hear the other dogs. She is sure getting gray in the face. She'll turn 9 in October. Really going to miss this one when it's time for her to retire.
  6. catchrcall

    Picture of BA

    Just because I felt like posting a picture of BA. He's been a good dog and steady getting better with every year. I am seriously considering getting a litter of pups off him in the next year or two or three if he keeps going like he has. Before you jump on me about breeding, here's the...
  7. catchrcall

    New kennels are getting there

    We are about half way done with our new kennel set up. We have 24 feet of deck built so far with another 32 feet to go. Last weekend we installed the last two kennels on this side of the deck and the steps going up to the deck. By the time it's done this side of the deck will have a little...
  8. catchrcall

    Buried a great one today

    We lost a good one today. We had to put our Blue dog down. He was a tough dog with a great nose. Once he showed up at a bay you knew that hog would be there. When he was baying a big boar and got excited he had a bawl that would make your ears ring. I'll miss that. He handled good enough...
  9. catchrcall

    BA Picture

    This was taken on I hunt last week. He's all business once that vest goes on. I thought it was a pretty good picture.
  10. catchrcall

    Some dog pictures from hunts this year

    Thought I'd post up a few picture of the dogs taken so far this year. We've been hunting hard for not even a month yet and have gotten some decent hogs but I have been really lax about taking hog pictures. BA cooling down after we took his vest off. Beetle is starting to look a little...
  11. catchrcall

    Stolen dog in texas, please look

    I know that this is a real long shot, but if any of you Texans out there can keep an eye out I'd appreciate it. A fellow hog dogger has had his catch dog stolen. The dog is black with white on his feet and chest. He answers to Duece. He was stolen out of Cameron, Texas. If you happen to see...
  12. catchrcall

    Two sows in a morning

    We went out at about sunup a few days ago to see if we could could get a hog bayed and fill some freezers. We had just turned out strike dogs for the first time and they were getting out and hunting a little draw in front of us. We moved through a pasture gate and sat to wait for a while to...
  13. catchrcall

    A few random hunt photos

    Just some pictures of the dogs that we've picked up during a couple recent hunts. Nothing too spectacular, just some fun times out with the dogs and family. BA standing by a pond we were checking out while the strike dogs were out looking. watching my wife and younger son out on the...
  14. catchrcall

    Boar hog's opinion on catch dogs

    BA agrees. Just don't tell Beetle. Bucky The Boar Hog: Bucky The Boar Hog - YouTube
  15. catchrcall

    New custom knife sheath

    I got tired of having a break stick stuck in my pocket or carrying it, or getting to a caught hog and reaching for it only to find it was fifty yards away hanging in a stupid cedar tree so my buddy and I put our heads together with a local saddle maker and came up with these knife and break...
  16. catchrcall

    Hog dogs are so mean

    They go right for the throat every time. This is Gizmo. Daughter to my Deuce dog and full sister to my Keeper and Woolly dogs from a prior litter. Roughest bay dog on the place and loves people and especially kids. I always think it's funny when people are scared of a dog because it hunts.
  17. catchrcall

    Got on a good boar

    We went out the day before Easter with a friend that had never been on a hunt and a couple college kids that were working on a research project that has to do with feral hogs. They were wanting to see the contents of the hog's stomachs. We were about an hour into the hunt and had been seeing...
  18. catchrcall

    Brush pile sow

    I got the young dogs out today for an early morning hunt. My wife's Blackmouth Cur pup, Cutie Pie made her first hunt and did a pretty good job for such a young dog. She stayed busy all day and was there at the bay with the older dogs. This morning was pretty overcast with a light drizzle so...
  19. catchrcall

    First hog of the year

    Went out last weekend and caught the first hog of the year. The new girl, Gizmo (full sister to my Woolly and Keeper dogs from one litter before them, daughter to Duece) did very well striking a hog her first time out with us. We had just dropped dogs at the bottom of a hill that had some hog...
  20. catchrcall

    Got my hog mount back

    Just got this guy back from the taxidermist and I couldn't be happier. This guy is a true artist with his mounts. When I took it in he sat down with me and got the whole story of the hunt; what time of day, what the hog was doing, how it was caught, etc. This hog was rooting up an oats field...