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    Recent picture of my girl Tiny and my boy Munchkin........

    Tiny is the blue fawn and Munchkin the blue brindle. These were taken two days ago.....
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    MJ posing or the camera!!!

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    What's your favorite class of bully and why?

    Me, I love XL's. About 19inches in height, nice bone that can carry the extra weight, around 90 lbs and awesome rears.
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    ABKC Shows

    Does anyone show ABKC here? Any titles? Would love to see some pictures.....
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    My 3 Bully's

    ABKC XL Champion Honey Wacko Jacko aka MJ King Shaka
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    Its been a long time!!!!!!

    Since I've been on this board. Hows everyone doing? Will post some pics of my pups soon. Stopping by to say hello.......
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    How many Bully lovers are close to the Memphis, TN area?

    I am in Memphis, TN and own several bullies.....Looking for people in my area that has bullies of there own....
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    Fromm Products

    Does anyone know anything about or use Fromm Puppy Gold? I can get a killer deal on it and it seems pretty decent. Positive and negative feedback welcome........Thanks
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    Pedigrees 101

    We know that a parent passes on an average of 50% of its genes, while a grandparent passes on 25%, a great‑grandparent 12.5%, and so on. For every time the ancestor appears in the pedigree, its...
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    Food Ratings

    I pulled this off of another board. See where it rates the food you are feeding your bullies. Dog Food Ratings by Brand
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    What does everyone feed here? I saw the Black Gold stuff on the UKC website and I've been using it for a couple of years. Looking to switch to a better food....
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    Breeding 101

    I have a few questions about breeding. I am not speaking about the reasons for breeding, I am more so talking about the stock being used for breeding. What is the difference in the two bullies that a byb oppose to two bullies that a reputable breeder uses? I know byb really don't care about the...
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    Faults in our dogs caused by kennel clubs??? Check it out

    .http://www.pitbulltalk.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=28993 Very interesting reading. Its actually blaming the kennel clubs closed registry system of PURE BREED dogs as the cause of the many defects we see in our dogs today. My conclusion to this is the outcross of the bully movement crossing the...
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    What is your favorite blood?

    As the question says.
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    Pic of MJ from yesterday

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    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!

    Everyone have a Merry (Safe) Christmas and enjoy your day.....
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    My new girl "Venus"

    My new girl "Venus" @ 4 months old.....