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  1. J


    Unbiased view of bully's in general?
  2. J


    I just reread my post next time I'll take the time to edit:) lol
  3. J


    I hear what your saying and I understand we're you are coming from. I personally believe that pitbulls had a bad rap before the bully movement really got of the ground. I personally had to give my boy duke away because my neighbor had such a huge fear and misguided view of what a pitbull was...
  4. J

    Anybody know of a good american bully breeder in or near Texas?

    I'm glad u stayed way form big Gemini not a fan at all. All of his litter look completely different. Most kennels out here in cal will ship a dog to you for about $300. El chuco pits is out of El Paso. Not sure were in Texas u are. Are u looking for a male or female? There a few othere breeder...
  5. J


    Hell man I guess you also need to pull your panties out of you ass. Stop yelling at me! Lol at least I got a real answer out of u. Was it that hard? Your just jealuse you can't get $3000-5000 for your mutts. I kid. Go take care of your real dogs man.
  6. J


    Gh32 you just pretty much reinforced what I just said. And it's not at mugelston expense that you are humoring your self it's at mine. Jed did not post the comment I did. I ask you gh32 what is the point of this forum? Tell me what u don't like about mugelston dogs? Be specific. Of course we...
  7. J


    Lol ya I'll give u Dax but that not fair dax was born without legs! Poor guy has to walk around on those stumps. Well so much for staying on topic:cool:
  8. J


    I love comments from people who have not seen what there talking about. Never mind the original question. Now you focus on a person that tried to leave helpfull information about this topic. I've been to mugelstons kennel. I've seen Kronos. And I guaranty he would chase any one of u down. But...
  9. J

    Chikara 14 months old

  10. J


    I've been to Jed's kennel out in willow creek, ca. I have mix felling about mugelstonpitbullfarm. They have some amazing looking American bully's up there. Kronos is a great looking dog with a 27" head but is still supper athletic. Chubs, tank, and felony are amazing looking bitches...
  11. J

    Are these pit bulls worth the money?

    I guess I'm the only dumb enough to say yes. I have no problem paying 2500 for a dog as long as its a high quality heathy pit with an incredible ped! Hell I pay more than that if I thought they were worth it. Call me a sucker or sell me a brige but I'm personally looking to start a small kennel...
  12. J

    What do you guys think about xtremebullypitbulls?

    Hello I'm new to this forum and would like to know what you guys think about xtremebullypitbulls? What have you heard about Eddie Lors bullypitbull? I'm thinking about getting a dog from this kennel and would love any information you all can give me! Thank you!!
  13. J

    Hello new to this forum

    Hello I'm new to this forum and would like to know what are your favorite bully kennels? Thanks