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  1. PatienceFlame


    I was at the feed store today picking the dogs up some toys and seen a brand called Fruitables So I grabbed the Pumpkin and apple, pumpkin and banana and grabbed a can of their canned pumpkin supplement just to try them out as I never seen the brand before and the ingredients didn't look too...
  2. PatienceFlame


    So the laptop is now fixed and I am back. :o Dogs and I are doing great!
  3. PatienceFlame

    Home and dogs are happy!

    Here they are. Riley was so excited she didn't even notice the giant tennis ball I got her. she was spazzing out! and Bogart freaked out too. they missed me. I actually was so happy to see them that I started crying lol! Sitting pretty. I thought B was bigger then Riley so I bought him a M1-...
  4. PatienceFlame

    what is up with priority mail??

    Have not gotten a conformation on a stillwater leash I ordered or a M1 collar I ordered. it has been 5 days now and I am getting pretty pissed off as I have tried to call the collar company and only got a call message.(stillwater isn't a big deal it is a leash for my mom's dog) I also ordered...
  5. PatienceFlame

    the house

    Figured I would share some of the house. Dog room (crate room) has a heater and a cooler in there: Dog kennel area: (needs to be cleared and burned. the stakes are there for measurements): Chainspot area (needs to be cleared and burned but I am thinking of adding 2 chainspots there...
  6. PatienceFlame

    Help me choose a harness color for Bogart

    So Bogart is getting his weightpull harness and I cannot deside what color I want so I need some help! ---------- Post added at 03:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:54 PM ----------
  7. PatienceFlame

    New collars!

    got the brats all a 1" collar
  8. PatienceFlame

    New pics of Ms. Riley

    These were taken a few days ago? I just forgot to post them on this forum. I adore her face!
  9. PatienceFlame

    having abit of fun today

    My boy loves the flirtpole..he lives for it!!! can't believe he will be 7 months old in 2 weeks either!
  10. PatienceFlame

    Riley is back and looking sexier than ever!

    took the dogs out to play some fetch since I haven't spent much time playing with them much lately. sorry for the poopy phone photos Tellin' it like it REALLY is
  11. PatienceFlame

    Front legs?

    just a concern here, what is the posability of him bowing since his brother obviously has some bowing and elbowing out? (that photo is a lil old of his brother) do they look alright and is there a way to prevent issues such as diet, vitamins to ensure healthier bone growth at this age? he is 6...
  12. PatienceFlame


    Bogart is special He likes to rub on the wall, BEST scratcher EVER! He says the only way to play with a monkey fist is to swing it around and try to hit your mom. Ball time! Riley is mad that she didn't get to play with it. She will get over it Sitting Pretty Thanks for looking...
  13. PatienceFlame

    Chaffing armpits

    Poor Bogart has Chaffed, red pits and they look painful. any suggestions on products that will help heal the rashing along with maybe something that I can put on his pits to stop them from chaffing?
  14. PatienceFlame

    Big pup, pups

    Just a few I took of Bog today
  15. PatienceFlame

    A few of the dogs

    First day home (her eyes were really puffy and watery) Riley's left eye was still abit puffy (She looked like shit!) Riley Now: (self conditioning, she has played none stop since she came back. mostly with the eGGe and the Springpole..I have been dealing with Panic attacks so I...
  16. PatienceFlame

    Gucci mane is down with the waffle cone!!

    :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: this is just too funny.. http://www.longislandpress.com/2011/01/14/gucci-mane-ice-cream-tattoo-gucci-mane-ice-cream-tattoo-picture/ ---------- Post added at 09:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:07 PM ---------- Isnt he sooo hardcore? Roflmfaoooooooo
  17. PatienceFlame

    Riley werkin'

    Yesterday I took Riley out for a short back and forth and in the process she gave me a huge fat lip when she plowed into the camera and myself...anyways, enjoy. waiting for that magic word she loooves so much! She's still got it! Like a bat out of hell she launches forward flipping the...
  18. PatienceFlame

    For PeanutsMommy =)

    4 days home and she is starting to look amazing!!! her eyes arent as puffy and her fur (thanks to TOTW and flaxseed oil) is starting to become glossy again, she isnt as fat as she was either. her fur is still a bit brittle and her paws are still mangled but I am putting bag balm on them and they...
  19. PatienceFlame

    Daddy brought home goodies!

    Mark walked in the door with Riley's fav sight... a brown butcher bag! you know what that means!!!!!!!!!!! BONES!!! LOL! yep, she flipped out!!!!!!!!!! ARE ALL IN HEAVEN but I think Riley is more thrilled then anyone else! those are her all time fav treats Brownie points for daddy. :lol:
  20. PatienceFlame

    Joyce line dogs?

    anyone heard of them? here is a pedigree http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/modules.php?name=Public&file=printPedigree&dog_id=66820