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Search results

  1. leharris

    need help pup has a calcium deficiency

    I rescued a pup that is 12 weeks old and has it can you all give me tips on how to care for this little girl. I hers you can correct it
  2. leharris

    dumb people

    I am so sick of dumb people a friend at my job tells me he hes some pit bulls he cant care for any more so he gonna take them to the pound I tell her ill take them and find them good homes. when i get to the house they are on short chains and with no water and to top it off they were so skinny...
  3. leharris

    Good dogs!!!!!

    LAST night my son and I walked tootsie (apbt) and mobey (bully) we was about two blocks over when a harry dog (i think was a pom) came chargeing and growling. the owners in the back yard sitting ther yelling for him to come back. well tootsie seen him comeing she loves to chase little dogs. I...
  4. leharris


    Here are some pics of piggy I never post any of her so here are are a few. and one of her pup shorty. we got them from a byb when shorty was 3 weeks old.
  5. leharris

    Our non pit bull

    I love pit bulls and they are about all I will own but here is rockey our big goofy boy
  6. leharris

    Family and dogs

    I love kids and dogs pictures
  7. leharris

    some of my pack'

    capone, tootsie. jazzie, diamond. and my son nate
  8. leharris

    washed dogs today

    im not finshed but I washed some of the dogs today.
  9. leharris

    capone is a year old

    my boy want from a tiny pup to a beast.
  10. leharris

    pit bull walk

    I want to try to get a pit bull. well a fight bsl and dog fighting walk started. for the christmas parade in macon. I want to pass out pit bull ownership info also can someone give me some Ideas. or would anyone like to be apart I live in Macon GA.
  11. leharris

    cottage chease and goats milk.

    A man told me today that he feeds his dogs. (rotties) cottage chease and goats milk to make them so big and pretty. has anyone herd of this? i would think it would make them run off.
  12. leharris

    In GA.

    Who all is from GA here. I live in MAcon.:winter_smilies_0005
  13. leharris

    green Rhino?

    My boyfriend was looking on the web and found this stuff green rhino adn he ordered some for the pups and my girls. I don't like pumping junk in my dogs but it made the dogs on the sight look great. have any of you guys herd of it or used it. to me the pups and the girls look great to me. but if...
  14. leharris

    help not sure what to do.

    ok just when I think I am doing everything wright I get let down. sat me and the kids go to a my daughters game. and we go to a thing the were haveing for kids at the park. (most ot the time the girls go with us.) any way I get a call jazzie my 14month old APBT has killed my boyfriends pup who...
  15. leharris

    cherry blossom in MAcon Ga.

    we had a great time sat at the cherry blossom. we could not make it through the park people were takeing pics and filming us. I was glad to see how many people love pit bull. yes there were a few that grabed the kids and ran to save their lives. lol...
  16. leharris

    Thinking about a rottie.

    I have always wanted a rottweiler. are their any rottie pitbull households out there. will these two dogs get along. I was gonna read up on them. and learn as much as I can. I don't know much about their temperments ather than they are good family dogs. I would think they were much like an pit bull.
  17. leharris

    what should I do?

    last night I went to wal.mert not to far from the house. a cop pulled my over for no tail light on the way home. I give him all my info. he comes back and tells me I have a warrent. so he tells me to put my hands on the car. and he pats me down ??????? I thought a female cop had to be called in...
  18. leharris

    Is she skinny?

    i think she looks ok. before I joined this forum I thought she was. my boyfriend who loves bullies tells me she is skinny and not a good looking pit bull. I don;t care if she was uguly I love her but I want her to be healthy. she has food out all day long and Its a good food. she also gets a raw...
  19. leharris

    more pics of the kids and new pups

    here are some new pics of the pups hope ypu like. 5448.photobucket.com/albums/qq203/leharris80/
  20. leharris

    our valentines day.

    we had a good day lots of treats and fun.