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  1. PitPop82

    Atticus showing off his tricks

    Shouldve posted this in here in the first place, my boy doing some of the tricks he knows. Sorry for the double post mods. YouTube- Atticus showing off
  2. PitPop82

    Atticus showing off some of his tricks

    I was bored so I made a real quick video of Atticus, my AmBully doing some of his tricks. YouTube- Atticus showing off
  3. PitPop82

    World's Sweetest Mail Box. For NCP, TD, Obed, Woody and the rest of the boys.

    Someone sent me this today and thought of yall :D
  4. PitPop82

    Sunday Tailgate Snacks

    Football season is upon us, and with it one of the greatest American traditions: Tailgating. What are some of your favorite tailgate snacks? Anybody have any good recipes? Just to get the ball rolling, no pun intended, here is a little something Im thinking of trying out this season. Ill...
  5. PitPop82

    Blue Hippo Cell Phone Pics Extreme Bully warning!!!!

    :lol::lol: Yes, the title was written in jest. Here are some cell phone shots I took of Atticus the other day. Who says Bullies have to be extreme?
  6. PitPop82


    Anybody going to Lollapalooza in Chicago next weekend?
  7. PitPop82

    Shark Week

    Shark Week kicked off today on Discovery Channel! Anybody watching?
  8. PitPop82

    Tree Python

    Im thinking of getting back into herpetology LOL, saw this little guy yesterday:
  9. PitPop82

    C.O.D. Modern Warfare 2

    Anybody planning on getting this game? If so, what are you most excited for? What would you like to see improved on from the last one? Would you be interested in starting a PBC clan?
  10. PitPop82

    Pet Deterrent bashes Pit Bulls

    So I was at the pet store yesterday and near the register they had a rack with some deterrent/mace type of products called Spray Shield. This was the logo Pretty messed up if you ask me.
  11. PitPop82

    Ok I need a favor...

    My brothers band Legs Against Arms is in an online battle of the bands for the Austin Chronicle. The way it worls is you create a profile with your email, it takes about a minute, and then vote. The bands hes losing to are not only inferior, at least in my biased opinion, but also clearly...
  12. PitPop82

    Scientific American Article on APBT ownership

    Scientific American put out this interesting Article: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=it-aint-easy-pit-bull-owner Im not sure if it has already been posted. If it has, I apologize.
  13. PitPop82

    Pit Bull Documentary

    I just watched the Documentary "Off the Chain" on Youtube. Has anyone else seen it? Opinions? I thought it was incomplete and only skimmed the surface. I had never heard of it before, I just kind of stumbled on it.
  14. PitPop82

    Legend Kennels

    As some of you know Ive been thinking about getting a pup. Ive been trying to find something close because I dont want to have the poor thing shipped. The way airlines treat people, Id hate to see how they treat dogs. Anyway, I found these guys near me. Wanted to get some opinions. They seem to...
  15. PitPop82

    Moving to WI

    As some of you know my father in law has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. The doctors gave him about a year to live. As a result my wife and I are going to move up to Madison, WI to be near him and the family. I have only been to WI once, Ill be going this weekend to visit and sign a...
  16. PitPop82

    Dog Bites Part of Child's Ear off in San Antonio

    A dog bit part of a little girls ear in San Antonio today. The culprit? A Labrador/Beagle mix. POSTED: Thursday, April 16, 2009 UPDATED: 4:39 pm CDT April 16, 2009 SAN ANTONIO -- A 3-year-old girl was taken to a hospital after a dog bit off part of her ear, police said. The child's family...
  17. PitPop82

    Atticus n my niece

    Atticus and my niece: They came out kind of crappy, my wife took the good camera to visit the fam. Atticus always seems to be get caught mid wink in every pic.
  18. PitPop82

    ABKC Petition

    Ok, short n sweet. The ABKC breed standard is a mess. Im starting a petition I plan on submitting to them in the hopes a more clearly defined and strictly enforced standard will be imposed. I know its a long shot, but a change needs to come about, for the sake of APBT's and AmBulllies. I am...
  19. PitPop82

    Fish oil 'n sech

    I have Atticus on Solid Gold Wolf Cub large breed pupppy food, I know ideally, you dont need to add anything to a good quality kibble, but I feel his coat and skin wouldbenefit from some fish oil. My question is can a dog have too much fish oil? Should i give the recommended amount on the bottle...
  20. PitPop82

    New Pup Prospect

    Ive been speaking with Mr. Tom Garner about possibly purchasing a pup from him. Based on the requirements I would ask of the dog he recommended a pup from th Ch Dynomite to Ninja Girl ( TripleFrisco). I have a lot of respect for many memebers of this forum for their knowledge, and love of the...